Welcome to Berserker Quarantine Relief - mini-Berserkday relief for our friends

Thanks to Robert Alfert for the concept…

Since its inception, Wine Berserkers has championed the small producer in the wine industry, as well as other small businesses related to wine (gourmet foods, wine accessories, etc) and now our friends in the wine industry who own small businesses have been presented with a great burden during the mandatory closures of wineries and bars. In the spirit of Wine Berserkers, and the shadow of BerserkerDay, let’s show our support and help our friends in this industry, supporting them with our business.

This forum will be open to all small businesses in the wine industry. Tentatively we’ll close it in 2 weeks, but let’s see how things go.
Wineries/Small Business Owners, post your offers (specials, or not) here (as new threads in this forum, not as replies within this thread), and we’ll do our best to encourage sales for you during this trying time.

Please support our friends, let’s be sure they stay in business.


I’ve heard Alfert’s a handsome genius.

That’s nice, thank you for this. [berserker.gif]

He says that often, so I’ve heard!

We all need to do our little part here, while perhaps scaling back some public activities to isolate ourselves from the spread, at the same time doing our best to keep commerce and the economy moving. Little things matter.

This is not about getting a bargain, this is about Todd, Fu and Jorge opening up the board to commerce for an important cause.

I wish everyone the best during these very stressful times.

Was going to post an offer soon in the old BD thread, but this is even better. Thanks Todd! Standby!

Thank you Todd :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:.

Offer is up again over the the BD-thread! [cheers.gif]


Awesome idea!

Thank you indeed for watching out for us!!!

He lies because he only drinks Loire Outhouse Blend.

I’m pretty sure he’s said that he’s handsome.

Hey EVeryone,
We are doing some special offers on our 2017 Bien Nacido Estate Chardonnay. If you use code CHARD20. This will get you 20% off of our 96 POint Chard. And I know from Berserker Day, we have many folks who received their order and loved it!!! Anyone want to chime in??


Thank you Todd!
We are offering 20% off of all of our current releases; Chardonnay, Grenache and Cabernet at www.stellareesewine.com.
We are down to the last few cases of Chardonnay and Grenache, so grab this deal while you can.
Prices are discounted on the site. Use code: STELLA20 to activate free shipping on 6 bottles or more.
We are so appreciative of your support!
Thank you!
Rachel & Geoff Davies

You probably want to post this in a thread of its own, so more folks will see it! [cheers.gif]

I will admit that I have said that dozens of times in this website. It’s all documented. No lies. And it’s true.

Hack is spreading #FakeNews

Thanks! What an awkward time to launch a new brand!

Hello everyone, we are thrilled to announce Sun Break Wines, a new Pinot Noir focused winery in the Eola-Amity Hills, Willamette Valley, Oregon. We focus on the Cortell-Rose Vineyard, co-owned and farmed by Jessica Cortell and her team (she manages top-tier vineyards such as Seven Springs, Medici, Antica Terra among others)

See our full announcement https://mailchi.mp/e95535d92c3d/sun-break-wines-grand-release or check out our website www.SunBreakWineCider.com for 20% discounts and free shipping (but also check out our Wine Club for 30% and 40% discounts and free shipping, no annual obligation, these are cumulative/lifetime benefits).

In a nutshell, we have three delicious big Pinot Noirs packed with zesty red and black fruit flavors that are well-balanced with savory, cedar secondary notes and pleasing, long finishes. Yum!

2018 Colette Pinor Noir, the most fruit-driven of the three, features black cherry and currant flavors with a soft, long finish. Retail: $29/bottle; 20% sale = $23.20/bottle

2018 Ariane Pinor Noir, the most structured of the three, shows great black cherry and currant fruit flavors with enhanced savory and sandalwood/cedar notes, a grippy texture and a long finish. Retail: $29/bottle; 20% sale = $23.20/bottle

2018 Marie-Paule Pinor Noir, shows a fruit and structure balance, also featuring black cherry and currant fruit flavors with savory sandalwood/cedar notes, and a rich, silky texture with a long finish. Retail: $29/bottle; 20% sale = $23.20/bottle

-Organic grapes from the Cortell-Rose Vineyard, Eola-Amity Hills AVA, Willamette Valley, Oregon
-No sulfites added
-The 2018 vintage benefited from warm, dry weather that produced bold and intense Pinot Noir. These wines nevertheless retained a balance of high fruit/color intensity with high acidity.
-100% hand-picked Pinot Noir grapes
-No funky flavors or aromas (guaranteed!)
-We are a One Percent for the Planet member, donating one percent of all sales to environmental projects
-Order at www.SunBreakWineCider.com/shop/ and use the discount code “GrandRelease” to enjoy a 20% discount and free shipping

Your direct support of our new venture is especially important to our success, as many regular retail and distribution opportunities are on pause due to the COVID-19 response. Thanks in advance and please share this with friends and family!

Thanks, David

These days are a reminder of what an amazing community we are a part of! We will get through this together!

We are offering an additional 10% off on all online purchases.
6+ bottles gets you complimentary shipping and 3+ bottles gets you free local delivery within 30 miles of either of our locations (95070 and 85006).

Your purchases not only provide you with amazing, naturally made wines to enjoy in the comfort and safety of your home [cheers.gif] , it helps to support our tasting room staff by giving them opportunities to work safely in isolation by processing, packing and delivering orders.

Thank you and everyone BE SAFE! [thankyou.gif]

Thanks, Todd and Robert, for the terrific (and gracious!) idea. Gladly participating. Our offer is now posted. champagne.gif


Hey folks…please read the instructions :slight_smile:

(Post your offer as its own thread)

Thank you, Todd and Wine Berserkers community!!! We really appreciate your support and will be donating 10% of sales to ‘No Kid Hungry’ to help pay it forward!! :pray:t3::wine_glass: