Welcome Thomas Duroux of Chateau Palmer - THANK YOU!!

The Wine Berserkers Special Wine Guests program is back, and it’s coming back BIG!

Mssr. Duroux will join us next week, part of the time in Bordeaux, part of the time in New York City, where he will be at the end of the week.

I have the forum open now, but would prefer if you saved your questions (each question posted as a new topic, with the discussion of each topic to follow in posts) until perhaps a couple days before his arrival.

Mssr. Duroux will be joining us today, so feel free to start your discussion topics with him at this time.

(Remember, preferably each new discussion should have its own topic, but then continue discussing through that topic, as posts)

One final message for Mssr. Duroux:

Thank you!!! We so appreciate your willingness to share some time with us online, and hopefully some of us will have the chance to meet with you in person, in the near future!

Thank you Todd,

Pleasure was mine !!

So long…