Welcome Terry Theise as our next special guest! Jan 1-8, 20

Terry Thiese is excited about the possibility to join us as our next special guest, and we decided to start his guest appearance the first day of the new year. He will be our guest from January 1st to 8th, 2011.

So we get to ask him a bunch of questions about what we should have drank for New Years, huh? That’s awesome, just got to barely meet him, but I was running around the store like a mad man at the time.


Whoa! Awesome. [welldone.gif]

Really nice to have him as a guest here!

However, I notice the sub-forums for the two previous guests have disappeared? [oops.gif]

Trying to get those back, like the others.

Terry rocks!!! [thumbs-up.gif]

flirtysmile [thankyou.gif] [welldone.gif] [winner.gif] [worship.gif] [berserker.gif]

The best news is that Terry has offered Berserker Exclusive pricing of 90% off the wholesale price on every wine he represents, right, Terry??

[snort.gif] [snort.gif] [snort.gif]

Very nice!
Looking forward to his thoughts.

90% off a Donnhoff Eiswein or something like that would be pretty sweet. Thanks Terry. [stirthepothal.gif]

What are the odds that Serge asks who is his favorite porn actress?

And that Roberto knows her! [snort.gif]

And that Ken would want to know her. pileon

No more digression. I will read the questions and answers about bubbly and German wines with interest. Great job, WB managers.

First question: Is it Terry “Theis”, or Terry “Tease”? I’ve heard itb’ers pronounce it both ways.

Thank you! [berserker.gif]

Th-ee-ss in the US

Tai-zuh in Germany/Austria lol

Well, I want to know you too, Nancy! I like all kinds of people. flirtysmile

Please go ahead and start with questions for Terry - he’ll be here on the 1st to start answering them.

Should the questions be there own topic to make it clear and then each can be its own discussion?

Yes, just as with the other ones.

Each question should be presented as its own topic.