Welcome, pimps and 'hos!

Yes, we’ve got a Wine Pimps forum, thanks to the brilliant insight of our very own Maoderator Melissa ‘The Scarf’ McCall!

Pimps (retailers), feel free to post your rants, questions, requests for advice, etc.

'Hos (consumers, especially Charlie Fu), feel free to post questions about buying, shipping, storage, distribution, or whatever tickles your wine-buying fancy.

Enjoy, and be safe!

Pimps and Ho’s???
Is this a second NSFW topic??

Nice mimbo err, Toddles.

Todd’s a sweet boy from the midwest. The customers are johns.

One last thought: Have any of you ever considered sending an invoice to one of your distributors for “staff training” after you explained for a half hour (with charts, maps and twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was*) to the person trying to sell you something just what that thing actually was and why what they told them in the sales meeting was complete crap?

*If you got that joke you are OLD…

Great idea, Mel and Todd! I hope we get lots of retailer-specific action. [cheers.gif]

Why did we choose the name Wine Pimps??

I don’t mind being called a pimp. It’s a step up!

No one asked if we consumers mind being called 'hos! [help.gif]

Look at it this way nancy. At least the young uns haven’t referred to us as some old hos. [foilhat.gif]

Or you listen to the radio on Thanksgiving morning. (In my case though, I am that old.)

i wish someone would pay me to buy wine.

Yet… [d_training.gif]

True, Jack. Only we know just how old we is! [whistle2.gif]

On the Parker board, I cannot even list where I work.

Quite amazing the refreshing change over here.

Glad you’re enjoying it. Please always feel free to send us feedback if there is something you like, dislike, etc.

Do you mean to suggest someone selling wine may have something to contribute to a wine board?

Agreed. The moment I put a link to my blog, which has about 50/50 to do with my work, Squires shut me down. WTF? I think we’re all big boys and can figure it out when someone’s shilling.

I really appreciate the ITB sections here. I love asking the winemakers technical questions without it devolving into a philosophical choice of good vs evil. There’s enough of that on Wine Disorder.