Weird labels on 86 Bordeaux for sale?

I am a fan of WineBid and mistakes can happen. That said, there’s a few 86 Bordeaux for auction right now that look weird. Before I contact them to ask, any thoughts from the forum on authenticity ?

This bottle of the 86 Cos looks odd:

Isn’t that the new Cos label on this bottle, not the one used in the 80’s? Plus, compare it to another 86 for sale at the same time:

The labels and capsule on the 86 Talbot also look newer in style and mg bottles of 86 Talbot don’t look like this, but the Cordier firm changed labels a lot, so they may be legit but the fills are low for a late release:

It seems there are late releases from Cos with the new labels, at least for their own tastings:

Thanks, Craig. Given this info, I changed the title of the thread and I slightly modified my original post.

With the 1986 Talbot, the labels look correct for the original releases, but the capsules are different. The original releases had black capsules with a stripe. Maybe these are late releases again from the estate, with nice gold capsules to jazz up the package?

This is the original label of the Cos

Friday I was setting up some bottles for Sat dinner, noticed I had 2 different '86 Rauzan Segla.
Segla labels.png
I opened the one with the new style label. Had stamped estate cork, and tasted like my memories of '86 RS (though I understand that tasting is a poor form of authentication, even for better tasters than me) . But I’m assuming a late release, possibly to another market.