Weekly Beer Focus - Beer Geek Challenge! ANYTHING but U.S, Germany, England or Belgium (8/12 - 8/28)

Hopefully this will get us all drinking different stuff than normal.

As an optional challenge: don’t drink any beers you’ve had for other Weekly Beer Focus weeks, and/or don’t drink any beers you’ve previously tasted.

Lots of good stuff is still game, folks: Scotland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Spain, France, Norway, Denmark … and the list goes on.

I was thinking maybe start this weekend and run it for two+ weeks, to encompass 3 weekends. [drinks.gif]

Trivia: Without looking it up, guess which country leads the world in beer production (by volume).



Canada is still good right?

I’m not sure Canadian beer has ever been good, but yeah, it’s game for this tasting … as is Mexico. neener




Oh and, to your “Canadian beer sucks” comment…I counter with just a couple of options:

Just because they won’t strip the enamel from your teeth, doesn’t mean they aren’t good. [tease.gif]

Brazil? (Roberto has to be right about something at some point, right?)

flirtysmile flirtysmile flirtysmile

+1 I think Brian is losing it.

I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and pay the ridiculous price for a couple of these Italian beers that I’ve been seeing around.

OK, admittedly, I forgot about Unibroue (although none have ever been to my liking, I’m still able to objectivley realize they are, indeed, good beers). I don’t recognize the second lineup. When I think Canadian beer, my thoughts immediately go to Labatt and Moosehead. [barf.gif] (drank a lot of Labatt in college — it was our “nice beer” for awhile [rofl.gif] — until I found microbrews.)

Oh yeah, I forgot:



The second lineup is Dieu Du Ciel- Peche Mortel is one of my faves. flirtysmile


Bzzzz! Nope.

Czech Republic then. My first guess.

China? or somewhere else in Asia then.

I would guess the by volume leader, worldwide, would have to be the USA or China?