Weekend WInes- 05 Siduri Keefer Ranch and a great value Chard

It’s been a nice weekend. 2 wines worth posting about.

05 Siduri Keefer Ranch- I’ve been drinking this for the last 18 months. It’s always been a great wine but took several hours or even the next day to show it’s best. Took to a local restaurant with friends Friday night. After the first half glass my buddy looked at me and said this was at it’s prime drinking point and off the charts. I agreed. From CT

Best pinot of the year. This was sublime. It’s drinking as good as it’s ever been. Dark Cherry and strawberry framed with spice and and a bit of currant. Tannins seemed to be resolved and the wine was like silk. The weight and balance of the wine were nearly perfect. Outstanding. 95PTS [notworthy.gif]

07 Domaine Alfred Stainless Chard- This has quickly become our summer go to white. Total Wine in Fl has them for $ 15. It’s an outstanding QPR. 100 % stainless with no Malo. Ripe and juicy with green apple and a bit of tropical fruit with a tangy finish that has a bit of citrus. This is really good and almost goes down too easy on a warm day. Find it and buy it ! [cheers.gif]