Week 8 Virtual Tasting - Cote du Beaune with David Bueker - Final week!

Theme: Cotes du Beaune
Host: David M. Bueker
Thru: Tuesday Jan 20th
Format: $5 per note and a can of cat food

This is the final week of the Wineberserkers Virtual Tasting Series for 2014 so let’s hear from our fearless leader for the week, David:

Here’s some text to introduce Cotes du Beaune week:

My wife Laura and I are the happy parents of two shelter cats, Houdini and Deus. We adopted them from Dakin Humane Society in 2010, and since then have been supporters of this amazing animal care/shelter organization.

Dakin was opened in 1969, and is entirely funded from donations, receiving no government or national humane organization funding. They serve over 20,000 animals (dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets, etc.) per year, by providing shelter, medical care, spay/neuter services, and behavioWral rehabilitation. Their staff and volunteers are amazing folks, who do a great job caring for all of these animals.

There are so many animals who need a little (or a lot) of love and care. I hope we can all enjoy a bottle of Burgundy, and support this fantastic organization.

For every note on a Cotes du Beaune wine (red or white), I will be donating $5 plus a can of cat food to the Dakin Humane Society. For you White Burgundy drinkers, if your wine is premoxed I will throw in an extra can of food in sympathy for your loss. pileon

If you use CellarTracker then here’s a list of Cote du Beaune in your cellar.

Houdini and Deus thank all of you in advance for playing:
The Boys.jpg
(that’s Deus on the left and Houdini on the right)

Well, that was fun and just a bit creepy. [wow.gif]

Oof…80 bottles of Cotes du Beaune in the cellar. I guess I had better open one tonight!

I have you beat by a country mile, or several, oy. What to choose, what to choose - a closet full of clothes, and nothing to wear.

I don’t have one bottle, seriously

I had to test the link to cellartrack with another users cellar to make sure it worked correctly! hitsfan

Time to kick this off:

2005 Albert Morot Beaune 1er Cru Marconnets - France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune, Beaune 1er Cru (1/13/2015)
Admittedly too soon to be drinking this, but it does provide pleasure. There is some distinct raspberry fruit, subtle earthiness and a surprisingly velvety palate impression. There is some back end tannin, but it’s quite gentle. This is held together more by its acids, so it is quite easy to drink.

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I think I’ll be able to muster something up for this :slight_smile:

I have no Beaunes! Just checked my deep cellar collection of Burgs, and I have one Cote de Nuits and one Cote d’Or. But, I did just pop a 2002 Raffault Chinon Les Picasses that Chambers says is “burgundian”!

Oh post the note. You know I’m good for it. :slight_smile:

Drunk two days ago.

Drouhin 2006 Chorey les Beaune (from my cold cellar)

Still a deep color with no brown to the edge. In the nose the typical small berries, some cocoa powder and a hint of spice box. The taste is dominated by dark fruits, still a good dose of acid and a hint of rhubarb. While it is a good wine it lacks some mid palate and sweetness to the fruit to balance the acid.

If you will drink it today I recommend to serve it not too cold because the acid dominates at cold temperature. My instinct tells me that it may be slightly better in 2 years. Many taster recommend to drink these wines in their youth but I made the experience that even the lesser wines of Burgundy are often better at age 10+.

I had a simple 2005 Bourgogne from Lecheneaut recently which was very, very good i.e. Way better than the Drouhin is today.

Ah the Chorey. I remember drinking and enjoying a lot of the 2005 back when it came out.

I still have 6 bottle of the 2005 left. Opened one 2 or 3 weeks ago and it wasn´t good. I think and hope it is a stage of it´s evolution only so I wait a bit until I open the next one. Can´t imagine it is dead already because vintage 2005 is a distance runner.

2008 Pavelot Savigny-les-Beaune 1er Aux Guettes

I’m still a Burgundy novice, but when I think Savigny, I think cherry and earth. This has cherry and earth in spades. Compared to a young Pavelot the rough shoulders are a little rounded off. It’s not exactly elegant, but more lithe than the young wines I’ve tried. Not overly acidic at all, well balanced and quite pleasant.


2005 Pavelot Savigny-les-Beaune-- fairly open and easy to enjoy without hours of air, still fairly primary. Deep red cherry, pomegranate, mild earthiness, medium concentration. quite charming and a good 2005 saver to drink while the other more serious wines are maturing.

2005 Pavelot SLB les Gettes–a little more serious wine, quite young with red fruits but with a dark cherry background. A bit tightly wound with more structure than the village wine, and in a place that says wait a few more years.

2010 Jean and Gilles Lafouge Auxey Duresses (Rouge)

A particularly fat-fingered flub meant that a case of these, rather than a sampler of 3, turned up on my doorstep. Tonight I opened the second of the case, confirming that this was a happy accident. This is a graceful, uncomplicated burgundy perfect for mid-week dinner table. On opening, it has cranberries along with a cedar/pine element on the nose and palate. Nicely balanced with quite high acid, but not over the top. With air, the fruit deepened to darker fruits – red cherries along with some liquorice, all the while retaining that impeccable balance. Think it will improve some with a couple years in the cellar (but I don’t have any experience here so take that with a pinch of salt). At any rate, I won’t be in a rush to drink these.

Domaine du Prieure 2010 Savigny-Les-Beaune 1er Cru ‘Les Lavieres’ - Might be the best $30-ish I’ve spent on Burgundy that wasn’t a distributor closeout in years. Red fruit and Burgundian forest floor funk with Savigny rusticity in the nose.

I wish I had bought cases of this. Again, if anyone doubts that intensity requires full-body, wines like this will prove you wrong. Great acidity and intensity on the attack. Has a hard candy sweet-and-sour, red-fruited middle which turns a little creamier and softer as the wine goes across the tongue. Excellent length.

This is the kind of wine that kills me, because it is inexpensive enough and in a young way such a joy to drink that I can’t stay away, but there’s enough upside that every time I drink one, I almost wish I hadn’t! The gamut of emotions!

In order to help the animals, here’s my cross post.

Puligny-Montrachet ‘Le Caillerets’ - a vertical tasting
Post #1 by Roger Nellans » Wed Jan 14, 2015 2:26 pm
Our Tuesday ‘Lunch Bunch’ got together …a bit of a different format, in that one of us organized the tasting and supplied the wines. This was a perfect setup for me to share some wines that i have been collecting over the past several years. Some history here….A group of us including Berserkers England, Trimpi and Ackerman were visiting Clos des Lambrays and tasting with Thierry Brouin. He introduced us to one of his whites, Clos du Cailleret, a wine that I was not very familiar. Some history is in order, Jean Chartron was the principal owner until difficult times occurred in the 1990’s due to inheritance taxes, etc, therefore it is no longer a monopole. Some of the vineyard was sold to Domaine de Montille , Domaine Michel Bouzereau, Domaine de la Pousse d’Or and Domaine des Lambrays. At the domaine, Thierry served us the 2007 and I think we were all impressed with the quality of the wine, given that it was a 1er cru. It had grand cru quality in our opinion. Later in the week, I walked the vineyard, seeing it’s location contiguous with Le Montrachet and Chevalier-Montrachet. I thought, ‘pretty good neighbors’, and given that we all were impressed with the 07 that Thierry presented to us, I started my search on arriving home. Over the past several years, I accumulated the wines tasted below. All the wines were opened approximately an hour prior to serving and served in 3 flights, oldest first, each accompanied with a separate course…all delicious. We voted for top 4 wines and points for the group are listed.

Flight 1
1999 Domaine Jean Chartron Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Clos du Cailleret - starting to show it’s age, but not oxidized. Some caramel and floral notes. Lush palate with enough acidity to provide nice balance. Less minerality than others, but I quite liked it…probably more than others. My fifth and group seventh favorite (3pts)

2000 Domaine Jean-Marc Pillot 1er Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Clos du Cailleret - Nice citrus and mineral notes on the nose. Lacked the complexity and depth of many of the other wines. Very fresh with excellent tangy finish. My ninth and and group sixth favorite (4 pts)

2000 Chartron et Trebuchet 1er cru Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Clos du Cailleret - Mineral, citrus. Definitely more volume in the mouth than the prior wine. Flowers, citrus, mid weight palate. Long enticing finish. Very classy wine and grand cru quality imo. My second and group third favorite (12 pts)

Flight 2
2000 Domaine de Montille 1er Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Le Cailleret - Here we go! This flight a step up in quality. Some honeysuckle, mineral, citrus. Mid-weight with beautiful balance and depth. So long on the palate. Delicious. Classic Puligny imo. Grand cru quality. Close race between this and the prior wine. My third and group fourth favorite (8 pts)

2001 Jean Chartron 1er Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Le Cailleret - Similar profile to #1 but showing less age. Some oak, citrus, mineral notes. Nice depth and mouthfeel. Long finish. Lacks complexity. My eighth and group ninth favorite (zero pts)

2006 Domaine de Montille 1er Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Le Cailleret - A real outlier in this tasting. Delicious, but classic 2006. Very expansive nose of pineapple, citrus. Very lush and round on the palate, but there is ample acidity to balance it out. Dense, dry extract. Sweet , long finish. A crowd pleaser for sure. Almost California like. My fourth and group second favorite. (16.5 pts)

Flight 3
2007 Clos des Lambrays 1er Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Clos du Cailleret - This definitely of grand cru quality. Some history here. On arriving home from Beaune, Brad and I both bought this wine. Unfortunately Brad has had a bad experience with premox however, in his words, the good ones were ‘brilliant’. Fortunately, my bottles have been sound. Guess I’m just lucky. This bottle is the best of my lot…agree with Brad, I would classify as ’brilliant’. Classic Puligny of grand cru quality. So balanced, with complex mineral, floral, beeswax ( almost some Raveneau hints) , and citrus notes intermixed with very nice fruit. Not overly oaked. My first and group first favorite (29 pts)

2009 Yves Boyer-Martenot 1er Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Le Cailleret - Nose quite shy. Some oak and spice on the palate with good depth…Moderately viscous. Nice acidity. My sixth and group 8th favorite (1 pt)

2010 La Pousse d’Or 1er Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Le Cailleret - Most pale color of the group. Some lime, menthol. I originally thought oak, but I think just reduced aromas. Good minerality with some herbal notes. Very nice length… This wine should be fine in time…just way too young to show well for me. My seventh and group fifth favorite (6.5 pts)

All in all, we were quite impressed with the overall quality of the wines. Definitely a sleeper and wines that one might consider, given their relatively low price compared to quality. Hopefully others will chime in on their comments. Also, I know Jon took some pics…perhaps he can post…
Roger Nellans

Good Lord, Roger! We want to feed a few cats, not fatten them up like some Foie Gras Ducks! [wink.gif]

1990 Albert Morot Beaune Teurons–ripe mature roasted fruit, but seemingly suppressed by too much oak and a maple syrup note. I was hoping air would help, but no such luck. I have two more bottles and here’s hoping they will show better.

1996 Chandon de Briailles Pernand-Vergeleses ‘Ile de Vergeleses’–fairly young feeling, somewhat structured wine with cranberry, slightly under-ripe red cherry, leaf pile, earth. Really actually quite good and has plenty of life left. I don’t really understand why folks have a problem with 1996–I’ve rarely had a bad one amongst the estates we all are likely to buy.