Wednesday night wines - Haart and Vosne Romanees

Had an interesting wine tasting last night with a smaller than normal version of my wine tasting group.

Started with a 2010 Reinhold Haart Wintricher Ohligsburg Spatlese. Just a really fabulous Spatlese - rich, complex and balanced by a good bit of acidity so that the wine was quite fresh. Hard to believe this wine was 12 years old. I would have believed it if someone told me this was a 2019. But, the acidity probably was a giveaway to the fact that it was a 2010.

Then had two nice white Burgs - a 2017 Domaine Heitz-Lochardet Chassagne-Montrachet Morgeot and a 2017 Buisson Charles Chassagne Montrachet En Cailleret. For two wines from the same village and vintage, these wines tasted very different from each other. The Heitz had very pretty acidity and good richness. It was the brighter wine of the two and very enjoyable to drink. Upon opening, this was my favorite of the two. But, the Buisson Charles wine as it opened up really showed superior concentration and complexity and was ultimately the better wine by a small amount.

We then went onto the reds -2006 Mongeard-Mugneret VR Orveaux, 2005 Richard Manniere VR Les Suchots, 2002 Nicolas Potel VR Aux Malconsorts , 2002 Bertagna VR Les Beaux Monts and 2006 Forey VR Les Gaudichots. All of these were very nice wines and quite good. But, the Malconsorts stole the show, esp. as time went on. With time, this just kept getting better and better. I also thought the Bertagna (which I found a bit harsh when first poured) really improved in the bottle. By contrast, the Gaudichots (from a half bottle) started off really fabulous and then did not really improve at all.

We ended with two more Haarts. A 2010 Goldtröpfchen Auslese and a 2015 Goldtröpfchen BA. The BA was so rich and powerful that it ultimately really did not make sense to drink these together. So, I enjoyed the BA (really, really enjoyed the BA) and then went back to the 2010 Spatlese and had it and the Auslese together. A much better match. My guess is that the Spatlese was of Auslese must weight anyway. While the Auslese was a bit richer than the Spatlese, I think the bigger difference in the wines was from the two vineyards. Somewhat different flavors and profiles of the two wines. I really, really enjoyed the acidity of the Ohigsburg, but the Goldtröpfchen was fabulous also. In sum, I am a big fan of the wines of Rheinhold Haart and so were two of my friends who were there.

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