Webinar with Francois Audouze - April 25, 2021, 2pm EST

Hello Fellow Berserkers,

Having been fascinated with his Instagram posts for a very long time, we are pleased to host an afternoon webinar with the legendary Francois Audouze. We have room for 500 so feel free to register through this link. It is free, all are welcome, and registrants will be emailed in advance for any specific questions they might want us to ask Monsieur Audouze. Date is Sunday, April 25th at 2pm Eastern, and should be a fascinating afternoon. Tasting History.

Warren Porter


Sounds very interesting.

Subject to mod approval, I would move this to Wine Talk to get more eyes on it.

Assuming with Covid, not many will look at posts in this topic.

Kudos for arranging this and for opening it to the community. I found it highly rewarding.

Kind regards,

Great idea, but I didn’t see your invitation in time. Will there be a recording somewhere?



I registered but missed the event. Sent the folks at IronGate an email to see if they recorded it. Will report back

Thanks, Rodrigo.

Here’s the link to the recording from IronGate:

Thanks Rodrigo! Really interesting. He knows so much and is quite a character.

Thank you all for attending and expressing interest in Mr. Audouze. A fascinating gentleman who we cannot wait to meet in person over one of his famous dinners! To Paris!!!