We need a Berserker lapel pin!!

Once again, there were multiple Berserkers at a wine event this weekend and we did not meet each other due to lack of appropriate recognition symbols. I am not dragging the helmet all over the place. If someone has the Berserker wild and crazy guy logo, I will try to have it converted into a lapel pin or button. Free to anyone who attends Berserkerfest 1000 and brings a good bottle of wine.

I was thinking the same thing, Jay. I had no idea you were at the Soho event. I know several others from WB were planning to be there, but I didn’t meet any of them in my random chats with attendees. I did, however, recommend this place to some nice folks.

How about a fez, while we are at it?

+1 My thought exactly…but we must decide, white, rose, or red? [cheers.gif]

You mean this guy?: [berserker.gif] Why not just make one out of this?:

Decide? Pfffft, not necessary - make a set of 3. [cheers.gif]

I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.

Jay - did it occur to you that perhaps there were some WB people there who did not want to be outed?

I don’t want to be locked into using a specific restroom and I don’t want to be locked into identifying as a Berserker.

Our identities are all fluid now.

(Of course, I’d say hello to you.)

You know what my response to this incredibly selfish and internally ego driven post would be except that the BB software would censor it. OBVIOUSLY your move to the other coast has now completely perverted your entire being.

The use of the pin would be, of course, voluntary. BUT it would have been a lot of fun to wear it and be an incognito Berserker at the Parker event, known only to other Berserkers.

I jut want the guy on the keg without the bottle. Make a good round button.

We’ve searched high and low for Miss Water Buffalo to wear the beauty crown
With charm and grace and pretty face. The pride of Bedrock town.

You rang?!

Unfounded assumptions in this. First, that WBers know what a lapel pin or even a lapel is. Second, that WBers own any garments with a lapel.

I assume nobody would dare wear a pin until it’s been aged at least 10 years.

+1. If you have lapels here in the West, you’re from the East. [snort.gif]

and headgear resembling a grape. Well, sort of.

Yes, the entire West Coast has a permanent “Casual Day”. I mean, it’s tough to surf in a suit, man. [snort.gif]


Nice, Mike. Would make great cuff links, too

First thing I thought of!