We all love good stories

Let’s face it. Wine without stories is vastly diminished. The story could be about the winemaker, the vineyard, drinking… anything so long as it is a good story related to wine.

Some folks have remarked that one of the better parts of Somm and Somm: Into The Bottle were either people telling about Fred Dame or Fred Dame telling his stories (of which there are legion).

The Guild of Sommeliers has a series of podcasts. The latest of these is "The Old School Somms"GuildSomm Podcast (the-old-school-somms).

If you haven’t had your fill of Fred tales, then by all means take a listen. Fred is essentially hosting conversations with other somms (Master Sommeliers Nunzio Alioto, Steve Morey and Larry Stone).

One that stood out was Fred telling about getting invited to dinner by who turned out to be Steve Jobs wife. While respectful to Jobs, the restaurant staff was downright reverential to Fred, apologizing for not having a certain wine, comping bottles, etc. Apparently Jobs was not accustomed to being the second banana to anyone, let alone this guy (Fred).

Great, great stories!

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