Washington Cabernets? - Trothe?

Thoughts on Washington Cabernets?

I have been thinking of picking up Trothe’s current offering but @ $190 bottle …made me hesitate a bit and I thought I would get some opinions first.

I would have significant pause buying anything from Washington for $190 per bottle, and this is coming from a guy whose cellar is dominated by WA. There is so much great Cabernet in the state in the $50-$75 range that I would have a tough time justifying that to myself. I contrast that to Napa, another region I love for Cabs, because there aren’t a ton of lower-priced options.

I’ve never had anything from Trothe (or heard of them before your post), but I’d be surprised if Cabs (or Cab-dominant blends) from Betz, Corliss, Leonetti, Woodward Canyon, DeLille, Cadence, Rasa, etc. etc. don’t compete with Trothe for far less money.


I live just south of Seattle and we frequent Washington wineries (on both sides of the mountains) regularly. As well, in the group we hang and drink with regularly we all either belong to, or on the allocation lists for most all the better Washington wineries (Quilceda, Cayuse, Doubleback, Passing Time, Betz, Long Shadows, Leonetti, Figgins……).

At $190 a bottle that puts Trothe well above all of those. My last Quilceda allocation the 2018 Cab was $145, and that is normally about the top of the pricing in Washington. Trothe is 30% more than the current most expensive (and critically acclaimed for what that’s worth) Washington wine.

It is also a new brand and I think this is their first release, and I don’t know of anyone who has tried it yet. Cellar Tracker show a total of 18 bottles pending delivery and 0 in people cellars. No tasting notes or reviews.

In that realm I start to ask myself what else I would drink in that price range, and it would be in pretty stiff competition with California wines that to me generally outshine Washington. To me good Washington wines are a great value when comparing to Napa/Sonoma, but feel we don’t have much that would compare to a fair amount of what you can get there in the $150-$200 range.
I would for sure have to try it before I’d buy so I’ll reserve judgement until then, but you can buy ‘17 Dominus everywhere for about the same price ($199) and that is probably what I would do if I wanted a couple hundred dollar bottle.

Just my $.02

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Andrew Will Sorella is my favorite Cabernet based wine in WA, and one of my favorite from the US period. It blows the pants off Quilceda Creek IMO. Gramercy’s Reserve Cabernet is right up there too. Corliss is great too.

I’d have a tough time spending $190 on a single bottle of anything in WA bc there is so much great value to be had at sub-$100 within the state.


Realize that Trothe is making a pricing statement. Whether it is making a wine quality statement is a separate question that would be somewhat in doubt referencing all of the other great wines/winemakers mentioned in previous posts. Also, realize that Cabernet Sav is not Washington State’s best red wine. Syrah, Bordeaux blends with notable amounts of Cab Franc, Merlot, etc., southern rhone blends, are really the forte. You are not going to miss out by not buying Trothe’s first release.

For my taste, Cadence makes stunning CS, CF, and merlot blends at really fair prices. Plus they age very well- I’ve had some as old as 20 years and they held up very well. Plus Ben and Gaye are terrific people.

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So the story of the winery is interesting and intriguing – though I was curious that they did not name any of the great wines (including the WS number one wine) for which they provided the grapes (but maybe that was part of the original agreement). I echo what everyone says above about the quality and competition in WA state, and then what 190 gets you anywhere in the world. I paid a lot for a local wine not too long ago because I am intrigued by the winemaker and what he is trying to do. I do not think the amount I paid was probably “worth it,” other than I have something rare and unique and I like what he is doing. If that is what caught you into the net of Trothe, then go for it. If instead you are looking to venture into quality WA red wine, then as others noted there is some really good quality at close to, and in some cases more than, half that.

$190 is roughly what a “sampler platter” of one bottle each of the 4 Cadence SVDs will cost me. Given Ben and Gaye’s track record over the last two decades or so, I think I’ll keep allocating my funds down into South Park. Plus, Ben really needs to be able to upgrade his road bike to a Pinarello. [cheers.gif]

$190 is a bold statement as is making 5 barrels when you own over 1000 acres. I don’t recall meeting Raymon, the winemaker, specifically but the wines that came out of Ste. Michelle’s Canoe Ridge facility are first class and use some of the better sorting technology, etc…to ensure quality. Those wines capped out around $30.

I do agree HHH is a great place for Cabernet. I’d like to try it as an ITB proposition, but not sure I’d buy some for my cellar with all the great examples given above.

They accept crypto, so it’s not like you need real money to buy them…

I know someone who will buy this though. It is expensive and limited enough for them to be able to break it out at a dinner party and impress their guests with the story and their “discovery”

$190? How many cases do they make?

That is a nice six pack for me of good Washington State Wines.