Warning if selling Pappy

This is happening in Nashville:

We had the best ever fried chicken at a little joint in the town where he lived. HOPKINSVILLE, KY I’m still talking about it 40 years later.

In laws’ extended family lives in Hopkinsville - what’s the name of the place? Feel like they’ve only taken me to get burgers.

Wonder what did they do with the bottle?

Hanging with some other interesting criminals on the police blotter

Confiscated it for safe keeping… to the chief’s desk.

Company Holiday Party!

I may be mixing up some of the details, but this happened to a guy selling a bottle of Lafite from his cellar 20 or 30 years ago in VA. Not sure if it was a state or local bust, but as I recall the story, they of course kept the bottle in the evidence room and brought it out for the trial. What they didn’t do was any chemical analysis on the contents, so they had no expert witness with a lab report. They were intended on relying on the ABV statement on the label as evidence that what the guy sold was, in fact, an alcoholic beverage. The problem was that for some reason this bottle of Lafite had no ABV statement on the label. Maybe an importer strip had fallen off or been removed or never even been applied originally, I dunno, but no one noticed that until trial, and they had to dismiss the case.

IIRC, WS ran this story back at the time.

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It has been long suspected Feds were in the FB secondary groups and was just a matter of time before this happened. Surprised it took this long.

When is the US going to ease up on these types of restrictions. Guy was selling a legal substance presumably to another adult. Archaic laws and waste of police resources.

Licensed retailers can’t ship to all 50 states, so probably never

It’s so insanely archaic. Weekly I have to explain to pissed off potential customers why I can’t ship wine to their state…

Some states, not all, have exceptions to the licensing requirements for alcoholic beverage sales if the item is considered a “collectible.” YMMV.

People actually get pissed off about that?


The list of things that the Govt does that’s either archaic or monopolistic or just plain wasteful is incredible. This isn’t politics as all parties, every side, does this. Just a quick hit. 1) In NYC, we pay $400,000 per year per prisoner in the Corrections system. 2) NYC, $35 billion per year to educate the public school kids, about $35,000 per kid per year with absolutely awful results. 3) At the federal level, just too many to list but how about why we still have land based nuke ICBM’s at $8 billion per year (you’d think planes and subs would be enough!).

Compared to the above, the alcohol protectionism rules are positively cheap!