Just got my wines delivered from summer purchasing and was sorting through all of them. Found a pair of fake 2000 DP rose and a pair of fake 2002 brut. Labels are wrong color and the edges of the label seem to be carelessly cut. Also, foil is all wrong. Be careful…

Wow, that sucks. Thanks for the PSA. Who’s the retailer?

Thanks. Outing the source of the bottles would be a much better PSA though.

Just curious - are the labels day-glow pink or other wild color? If so, that the Warhol tribute.

The point of this post is not to “out” anyone. Its just a warning to everyone that these are floating around out there. I saw photos of the bottles and they looked fine. When you hold them in your hand they are pretty damn obvious. David, the 2002 was the standard DP green, not a Warhol.

Then frankly this is a very unhelpful thread.

Just to reiterate what others are saying, there are always fakes out there. If you have a particular instance then the only use of talking about it is to warn everyone of THAT particular case.

We don’t even have proof that these are fakes. Many imported wines have different labels for different reasons.

Haha. Sorry.


Why do you want to protect a retailer that sold you fake bottles?

Since I need to defend the motivation behind my post, I thought it would interest some board members to know that counterfeiters are not only targeting old champs, but now are focusing their efforts towards modern day releases. These particular bottles that found their way into my collection came from an online auction purchase, not a retailer (to the best of my limited knowledge.) Sorry to those who found the post useless, but with the velocity of how collectible wines often change hands, I thought it best to notify those who buy these wines without prior physical inspection to exercise caution.

Ok, how about letting us know which auction house/site was able to get duped by the consignor.

Don’t be silly. That would actually make this thread helpful to those who are reading it and we wouldn’t want that.

I can respect the fact that you don’t want to name the place you received the bottles from for whatever reason . . . but can we at least see some pictures of the bottles you are describing as fake?

Dennis, you’re out of your element!

I could just say that anyone buying DP pretty much deserves what they get…

Why would you say that David?