Walla Walla Spring Kick Off Weekend (4/1/22 -4/3/22)

Just got the notice yesterday that the Cayuse Release Party is cancelled (again), only allowing orders for pick-up. Not going to ruin my plans, as there are so many wineries out there now that have popped up since my last visit five years ago. Who else is headed there for the weekend? Below is my hit list over the extended Thurs-Sun weekend. Who should be added that is relatively new putting out great balanced wines (I like all styles)?

Long Shadows
Woodward Canyon
Walls /Pasxa
Grosgain - not taking reservations online yet
Valdemar Estates
Sleight of Hands

Reservations have already been made at Passatempo and Saffron. Keeping eyes open on the Brasserie Four reservation calendar for times available as well, but any of those dining options can be replaced by anything that is new and worth a try.

For anyone who doesn’t know, this event isn’t this weekend. It starts April 1.

Thanks! Updated the thread title to include dates.

I suggest adding to your list:
Va Piano - especially for syrah
Pepper Bridge- for Bordeaux varieties

I love CellarTracker. Last time I had the Va Piano Estate Syrah was back in 2008 (2005 vintage). I’ll have to give it another try.

Give Elephant Seven and Truthteller a try. And if you’re at Pepper Bridge you might as well step over to Northstar. You might also want to taste at College Cellars (at the community college) to see what tomorrow’s winemakers are doing today.

Force Majeure

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I really like Rasa, Billo is a wealth of information and a very welcoming host. Also Time and Direction in town, again Steve is knowledgeable and welcoming plus his wines are a bit of a departure from many of the big reds around the valley.

Thanks for the Elephant Seven suggestion! Reservation made.

Got Rasa down as a maybe for Saturday afternoon. But it’s going to compete with Grosgrain, Saviah and Slieght of Hands during the 2-5 timeframe after eating lunch at Valdemar.

The Time & Direction recommendation is stellar. Looking to book there now too.

Va Piano - especially for syrah

Wise, you are!!!

Good choice!

For wineries, our most recent Walla Walla discoveries (last October) were Revelry and Prospice. Revelry’s been around for awhile, but we hadn’t been there before; Prospice is relatively new and quite small, out at the airport. Both are excellent. We loved our tastings at both, but Prospice was the standout visit of the trip. Rotie Cellars is an old favorite, and we’d also recommend Grosgrain, which I see is already on your list.

Re restaurants, we were underwhelmed by Passatempo. Brasserie Four is always fabulous, and their wine list (and bottle prices!) can’t be beat. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it to Saffron that trip, and instead went to Hattaway’s - not as transcendent, but very very good.

I would highly recommend Abeja as well.

The menu at Hattaway’s looks great. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Not sure if they qualify as relatively new, but Adamant was our favorite when visiting last June.

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Agree on Prospice. That and Devium (also out at the airport) we’re wonderful tastings and finds. If you go to Rasa I also highly recommend Davison which shares the same space. College cellars is a lot of fun and you can find some real gems there. I still have some of their 2010 Cabernet sleeping in the cellar. Hmmm. Maybe that is what I should open tonight.

Picked up some 13 Cabs for $30 a few years back. Love MN as no one buys good Washington Wines so they end up in closeout form.

We are going out to Walla Walla that weekend as well. For “newer” wineries, I’d suggest Time & Direction, Elephant Seven, Grosgrain, Devium, and Prospice. Our list of wineries to always visit is Sleight of Hand, Rotie, and Gramercy, as well as the “newer” wineries I listed above.

Long Shadows can be fun, depending on who you get. Good wine too.
The winery tour at Spring Valley with the winemaker was terrific. Not sure if that’s an option nowadays. Worthwhile if it is.
We popped into the Tero Estates downtown tasting room last time in Walla Walla. The wines were a very pleasant surprise. We had very low expectations, and their wines ended up being a trip favorite.

Every time we visit Walla Walla, we stay at the Marc, or rent a house. And if we can book in time, we will book the “Chef’s Table” at the Marc. It is always a great time, great food, great wine pairing. Chef's Table | Marcus Whitman Hotel