Walla Walla Restaurants

It looks like we are taking a trip there this summer. We know and love Saffron and Brasserie Four, but also know that there are some new things in town. Any recommendations – I am particularly interested in new places but if there are older places that you would highly recommend, add them also! Thanks in advance.

Have you been to Hattaways? It’s great for both breakfast or dinner. Also, it sounds strange but Andre’s Kitchen is inside a gas station and has really good barbeque. The Mexican food truck at Quirk Brewing is a must go when we visit.

The Chef’s table at the Marc is always fun.

Thanks for all of the good suggestions. We have been to Hattaways – for breakfast we have liked Bacon and Eggs. But it has been a few years…

Lunch from Cugini has been a favorite for us anytime we’re in W2. Their sandwiches (reminiscent of Salumi style wise) travel well if you’re out tasting and want something to snack on throughout the afternoon. Have not done dinner out on recent trips so I can’t offer much there unfortunately.

Oh yes, we loved Cugini! Nice to be reminded of it.

Unfortunately, we have not been to Walla Walla since our daughter graduated from Whitman, so it has been a few years, and I have nothing new to add. That said, we liked Passatempo, as well as a few already listed. I think that I read that Andrae has opened a restaurant, so no longer in the gas station.

Is Whitehouse Crawford closed indefinitely? That sucks if true. I love that restaurant…

WC is finished. We also love Passatempo. Heard great stuff about AK Mercado.

The two mentioned in the original post remain our very favorites.

Walla Walla Steak Co. was both fun and had terrific food. Atmosphere was lively with a nice vibe. The 34oz. “Hatchet” bone in Rib-Eye was spectacular!!

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This…order a quesadilla…

Is the Mexican restaurant and bait shop still operating in WW?