Wait! Another Acker legendary cellar auction (Wolfgang Grunewald

Read the 2008 NY Times article on the 1st auction. Wonder what is left for this auction!

I almost choked when a friend showed me this card that he received in the mail this week.

It was the “it’s been nearly a decade” phrase that made my eyes pop. I thought that was a reference to the Acker auction that included the Ponsot wines that never existed, which was nine years ago this coming April. Only later did I realize that the reference was to the first Grunewald auction.

FYI, here’s a link to the 2008 story in the NY Times.

I just got the same card. Jumped for joy! [cheers.gif]

The obvious low-hanging-fruit joke is “Don’t worry, we’ll make more”.

I now have the perfect tool for scraping cat vomit off the floor.
Someday, I will drop the card back into the mail, as “return to sender”.

I got the same card and have never bought a thing from Acker. I saw the name Kapon and laughed my way directly to the recycle bin.

I know for a fact that when I bought my CellarPro they sold my name to basically everyone in the wine industry, as I now get the most inane mailings. They really ticked me off by doing that to a customer.

Oh their auctions have been legendary for sure. Though not perhaps in the manner they are claiming.

And fabulous! Though perhaps not in the manner they are claiming.

I know Acker Auctions is an easy and frequent target on these boards, but all of Wolfgang’s wines that I’ve had have been outstanding. Others on WB can attest to that as well.

Rudys were very tasty too, so I’m led to believe.

Some were, and some were dubious.

I’ll make no further comments about Rudy or his wines in this thread.

A spectacular lot from Wolfie which includes the very 1st vintage of Yellowtail, along with some pristine OWCs of 2 Buck Chuck -JK

To quote GLS: “A new bidder is born every minute.”

I will say that the first Grunewald auction provided me with a whole lot of outstanding wines. Literally every bottle has been in perfect shape. Every one. If we’re having a wine dinner, I always bring them with confidence. 10/18/2008 has always been an all star day in my CellarTracker date purchased column.

They must be really scraping the bottom of the prospect lists, as I discovered while going through the mail today that I’d gotten one of those exclusive postcard auction invites too. That must have been from the wave when AMC ordered up a targeted list of ‘schlubs who buy 89 pt wines at Costco’ or something, since I’m not in the Brad or Ray stratospheres.

will Grunewald confirm that all wine sold at this auction is indeed his stock? Or does one just trust Kapon?

Acker deserves all the snide remarks plus many more. I am not a fan. However, Wolfgang is a honorable man and a friend. champagne.gif

Giving business and money to Acker/Kapon is supporting his fraud.
He created & funded Rudy. He is responsible for the biggest fraud in wine history, and it is one that still plagues the markets.
The more people support Kapon by giving him business, the more the fraudsters who are ramping up like crazy in Europe right now, see that there is really no risk involved in this kind of crime.

There are lots of good actors that deserve your business.
The only think Kapon deserves is a jail cell.

and he vouches for each bottle? How does one know what Kapon is actually selling or swapping out for sale?

As a friend, I would ask you to explain to him what Kapon cynically enabled, and how association with the man is blackening his own name. If I was selling genuine wine, I would certainly not do so via Kapon, because it would cast incorrect doubts.