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Item#: FBWRI001
Fresh / 15-18 lb avg
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ITEM TOTAL: $449.99

Read poor things about them recently in this board. Not necessarily wagyu though.

I’LL ADVISE end of the month.

$30 a pound gamble on a roast from an outfit that has had recent quality issues is a hard pass.

Also calling something ‘Wagyu’ only implies that there is some Wagyu blood in that cow and it could have zero marbling. No statement of aging process among other things makes it a solid hard pass. Looking at their website pic, it looks more choice than anything. At least dangle a better quality rib roast in front of people.

Where have you heard about problems and what problems? I buy a range of meat from them–usually duck or lamb–and find it to be very good. If there is a problem, they are usually fine with fixing it.

I bought their Wagyu Strip roast a while back. They were ok for $30/lb. in that they delivered a decent prime experience and the marbling was consistent. I buy a lot of Flannery and other Wagyu sources and it wasn’t up to their level for a lot of reasons.

Verdict: Glad I gave it a shot and while I didn’t feel cheated, I also didn’t find value. I will not buy again. No hard feelings.

I tried to contact them prior to fulfilling my order to warn them my standards are high based on experience and to make sure that they knew I wasn’t afraid of extensive marbling (on their site, some of the reviewers were complaining about too much marbling - blasphemy!!) and if it wasn’t up to my expectations, it was going back on their dime. They said they were just the financial intermediary and gave a place for the ranch to sell their product under the D’Artagnan name and they had no control over the quality.

Other thoughts on Wagyu : [cheers.gif] [snort.gif]

Counterpoint - there’s a decent likelihood that the roast you ordered won’t have the same fat content as what Drew Magary’s 24 oz steak had… pileon

I’ve been very happy with Cameron Hughes holy grail wagyu, both American and Japanese.

+1 The burgers are a nice surprise, too. Really good and relatively cheap!