WA vs NAPA wine

What does everyone think of WA wines? I’ve found them ok but not great. Lack definition and depth of some of the deep reds from NAPA. Thoughts?

Well it’s an interesting question.

Washington State is around 71,400 square miles

Napa Valley is around 790 square miles.

So they’re quite comparable, since they both start with a seven.

BTW, there are a few threads about WA wines if you’re interested in opinions.

Quilceda Creek isn’t a deep red?

How about Cayuse or any of the Charles Smith wines?

I think NAPA has better auto parts, but I could be wrong.

No, I think you are right on the money.

Motor City Kitty

I say it time and time again, in WA we cut Merlot with Cab, in Napa you cut Cab with Merlot.

Tough comparison unless you look at blends or Franc or Syrah.

Andrew Will, Leonetti, Woodward Canyon and fair number of others that not only hold their own, they challenge and/or crush the competition. And by the way, those WA wines are cheaper.

I haven’t explored in many years. Some 2012 and 2014 Reynvaan still in the cellar, but that’s about it. I’m open to new things, but with all the great QPR in Bordeaux right now, hard to buy any domestic cab blends these days.

You can only call it NAPA if you’re talking about MACDONALD. Otherwise, it’s just Napa.

Those must be acronyms. Wonderfully Aristocratic? Notoriously Arrogant Patronizing Assholes? Which of these tasting room experiences are you willing to pay out the wazoo for?

Interesting as I find WA wines are known for their definition, a couple producers make deep reds in WA but the weather isn’t built to make wines like that. Whereas in Napa deep reds seem to be more prevalent due to their weather and definition in a red is less prevalent.

Curious to your list of WA wines you’ve tried and Napa wines you adore.

I thought the “N” stood for narcissistic. [scratch.gif]