Vitamix - thoughts?

It may be time for a new blender. And by “time” I mean familial elements have been dropping hints in advance of a certain holiday involving traditions of gift giving.

Anyway, is Vitamix a good way to go? Why is it better than others? Family has started making smoothies a lot - not the ice cream type - the type with avocado and fruit and such, with ice.

If Vitamix, any particular models or things to think about?

Have a few friends with one. They all love it. Basically a V8 engine in a blender. Most of the folks I know that have one drink a few fruit and veggie smoothies a week.

I’ve had one for about 3 years or so and I love it. Regular blenders are worthless for anything other than light mixing. These things are nearly indestructable. I’m sure there are other high end high speed blenders like Vitamix, but I can recommend this brand. Very loud though, but how else could it be powerful enough? I use it every single morning to make my healthy smoothie.

Makes a lot of noise. Great blender

I am watching this thread with great interest. I have a Costco trip coming up!

Just do it. Been through too many blenders over many decades. Used to be some decent ones in the old days, but now anything “cheap” is indeed cheap and won’t work that well or last that long. If your family uses a blender much, it’s worth the investment. Shop around, prices vary greatly. Costco generally has them, and runs specials now and then. I wouldn’t buy anything else after owning ours (and we’ve had it for 10 years, still going strong).

Gotta admit, for 1/3 the price, the Ninja I got earlier this year is impressive.

Wow . . . rather positive responses!

Question 1B - Which line/model range of Vitamixes (Vitamices?) - or is it “whatever seems to have the features you need”?

If you are primarily going to use it to make smoothies, get a Nutra Ninja pro. It’s well under $100 and awesome for that purpose. I make a smoothie every day and LOVE my ninja.

Worst pun of the year? (V8). [stirthepothal.gif]

And, more seriously, ours is fantastic. Agree all the comments here. Haven’t tried using it for very small quantities that might be a bit tricky. Seems solid, not old enough yet to comment on durability. Easy to clean too. (Just run dilute solution on high).

just bought one on Cyber Monday from Amazon at a nice discount. Used it the other night to puree roasted veggie soup and it cranks.

Soups, salad dressings, “ice” cream, etc, can all be done with ease. I rarely use the settings, unless I am cleaning it. Size would matter depending on how many you would be using it for. Get the “tamper” to push down stuff that is not blending well enough or because it is not wet enough…it is safe and easy to use.

Great machine that is super well made. If you drink smoothies made with everything but the kitchen sink on a regular basis get this model VM0102D. It has a 2.3 HP motor and a large 64oz capacity. I cannot recommend Vitamix highly enough.

I’ll add my voice to the positives on Vitamix. I bought one after getting a stress fracture in my jaw. Helped like nothing else could during that time, and continues to go strong. Indestructible.

For features, I don’t think there are that many. Ours has a few “auto” programs to do things like smoothies or soup. My sister’s only has a knob for speed so it’s manual only.

I have had two over the years. Returned the first one after it got really loud for some reason. Performance wise they rock, but I do not like the recent one I got with the more squatty blender jar that fits under the cabinets as much as my older tall jar. The taller one was more of a pain to store, but the performance of the taller jar was better. More of a vortex pattern and things collapsed upon themselves easier. I think it’s the same motor (both were from Costco).

Essential cooking equipment.

I have had a Vitamix for a few years now and it is an essential tool in my kitchen. If it died it would be replaced immediately. I know people with the ninja blender, they work but they are not the same.

Love our Vitamix.


I have had one 6 years and use it regularly for green shakes. Thing is a loud, but essential beast. I had to replace the cup/blades once, but otherwise no issue.

I would buy a re-certified 1 directly (, wait for a Costco road show near you, or use one of the cash back sites (e.g., 1 has Macy’s 12% CB and they have the blenders on sale to boot).

I don’t know if it is still the case, but the only real competitor was Blendtec. They are excellent too.