Vitamix Alternatives?

My 10+ year old blender finally crapped out. Want to get something that can easily make smoothies and occasionally pulverize nuts, etc.

Vitamix gets a ton of love but not crazy about $4-600 for a blender. Any specific alternative models to consider instead?

Probably worth your time…

In my opinion: the answer is - pay for the vitamix.

You should be able to stack coupons with bed bath and beyond (if they are still in business) and get one for under $300. That is what I did two years ago.

make sure whatever model you get has a speed dial. I have a vitamix and I love it but its just got an on/off switch and a hi/low switch. would really prefer one where I can dial up the speed slowly for smoothies.

They really do work well if you can find one at a price you’re comfortable with. Very old-school, no-frills, high-performance power tool. I agree with Matt, get the one with the continuously variable speed control plus high/low switch. (It will train you to return the high/low switch to low the first time or two you forget and turn it on when set to high, the container empties all at once.) I’ve also read folks saying that the shorter containers don’t work as well as the traditional taller ones. I resisted at $450-500 but my sister in law helped us get the CIA model (like the 5200 I think) with her employee discount just under $350. I’d be watching for sales and promotions.

Waring is the other commercial grade brand.

Have a Breville that works great. Cost $99.

My refurbished Vitamix 7500 was just delivered today. Looks brand new, haven’t fired it up yet though. At $280, I thought it was worth a shot. Also, go through Rakuten for a few more % back.

The slightly more basic Explorian was $199 last week.