Anyone else using one these days? I bought my 5200 last September because I couldn’t find a single blender (not KitchenAid, not Cuisinart, not Breville) that could handle smoothies without serious intervention. In short, I have never had a counter-top appliance that got the job done better than my Vita-Mix. Worth every stinkin’ penny. Not shilling for them or anything… just seriously impressed.

I don’t have one, but I know several people that do…and they swear by them.

I have seen them do some crazy things at demonstrations at Costco. FreakMount likes to use them to age Grange and young CdP’s.

If it were anyone else, I’d know you were kidding, but I can actually picture 'Munch in a lab coat and goggles, waxing poetic about aerobic aging through rapid oxygenation. Of course, he’d have to do it quickly because 5 minutes in my Vita-Mix turns a mound of veggies into boiling soup.

I know for a fact that he has done it at least twice…2001 Penfolds Grange and 2003 or 2005 Deus ex Machina. Somebody on Squires has a pic of the Grange in the blender post “aging” as his avatar.

The rumors are correct.

I do feel strongly that I’ve mastered the art of aging by blending.

Brian McBreaty has a picture of a bottle of Penfold’s Grange 2002 and a blender bottom as his avatar. The person you see behind the wine is Brian Doolin.

I’m a firm believer that you can open up a wine.

The two I’ve done this with - both done with Mr. Doolin in tow (or leading the charge) were nice wines.

We took a freshly landed 2003 Deus Ex Machina and put her on “Frappe” for about 10 seconds - poured a glass, then another for 15 and finally one for 30.

blind tastes were done (we switched the glasses) and there IS a difference in the wine.

So, to the question “will it blend?” - as it stands, fine wine will indeed, blend.

Gil L. Schwartz of vegas fame - has posted on this before and is where I got the idea.

Try it and taste a young wine from bottle and then taste it blind after it has been jostled around at 32,000 RPM’s


Not true

I was called to action via a private message.

I lurk on Ebob.

More action.

Oh sure, you come running when your girlfriend calls you.

As for the EBOB treachery…

she loves me

and, to the other line. Bait.

Yeah? In which alternate dimension?

Ya Pu##y

For the record, I beckoned 'Munch (who doesn’t love him??) by e-mail, not PM. I’m all about instant gratification.

Before Steve gets to eat his pizza tonight, there will be a single-blind tasting of Vita-Mixed Nero d’Avola.

Who doesn’t love him? Let’s see.

The bulk of the people that got loans from him. The entire herd at Brandt Farms in California. Manlin on the car ride down from Chi-Town to DFW.

Should I go on?



I’ll let him add to the list as I have more constructive/destructive posts to make elsewhere.

I’m pretty sure there’s a fine list of happy clients.

Now, for those I placed into loans where they cannot aford them I promise you I told them “no” - but they were smarter than I was.

Manlin - yeah, he’s in trouble. I’m telling you start a bet. Mile marker where Chris gets thrown out of the car.

I used to have a Vita-mix, and I was just thinking the other day that I should get another one (I really don’t know what happened to mine- I think it got lost in a move or something). I don’t know if I ever used it as a juicer, though. I would like to get a juicer, and then I thought maybe the Vita-mix would be a better all around option. Does anyone have juicing experience with it?

I’ve heard cocktail experts talk about bruising the gin if you shake your martini…

I wonder if “blending” is a strong enough term for what happens to the more delicate wine…

It is about 35 miles from LP to Naperville… so I will take the bet that you get tossed at mile (-35) of 975… without the passenger and my car listing to the side I will make better time and have more room for wine… :slight_smile:

Bring '85 Margaux…it kicked much ass last night.

without the passenger and my car listing to the side

You have a point there. I’ll pay for the realignment when we return.

I have a tub of Vaseline to make sure my hips slip into those bucket seats in the rocket ship.