Vissani Model # MVWC52B, 52 Bottle Wine Cooler

I see this for sale at Homedepot for $199.00. Shipping included, although it also has a store stock #. Ad says users give this unit 4 out of 5 stars.

Anybody have one, or have any knowledge of or experience with this unit??


Bump - anyone pick one of these up recently? Price is obviously great, even if it only holds 40 or so bottles as I would expect.

Deciding between this or an old (obviously much larger) Nuvo unit.

No direct experience, but it looks like just a generic model, sourced in Asia and branded for sale at HD. There are many companies doing this out on the interwebz… Nothing wrong with it, just keep in mind that a fridge like this provides a temporary holding environment - the thing will vibrate every time the compressor turns on, and the temps in these things with often fluctuate to some degree. I would keep this at home for my ‘on-deck’ wines - to be consumed in the next 12 months. While the long-aging wines sit in a off-site locker.

Also of note - this cannot be built into a cabinet or put in a confined closet. The compressor is in the back and it is designed to vent that way, so it will need to be a minimum of 6 inches away from the wall with free air movement.

I have one of the Magic Chefs ones that is a few notches above this model. It does not have a compressor and thus no vibration. Keeps +/- a dgree or two. It runs about $400 and will hold 52 bottles. Pretty happy with it.

Thermoelectric is definitely a better technology for the smaller wine fridges. Much less vibration and noise, and less electricity usage as well. I just wish they could adapt the technology for wine fridges in the 100 to 150 bottle range.