Visiting the Santa Cruz Mountains

Hi all,

I’m going to take a trip to the SCM tomorrow. I’ve got an appointment at Ridge. Where else should I try? I’d love to see Rhys of course. Does Mount Eden take visitors? Any other recommendations?



I believe Mount Eden takes visitors. Call ahead. If you’re in that neighborhood, check out House family vineyards. The wines are made by Jeffery Patterson, winemaker for Mt. Eden. They’re making some excellent wine there.

Dan, Windy Oaks is good, too. I have no idea if they take weekday appointments.

I’ve also heard good things about Big Basin and Varner.

Just remember you can’t get there from here. You’ll be going up and down the mountains, and things are pretty far apart. Not like driving up 29 a couple miles to the next winery :wink:

But it is a beautiful drive!!!

I actually just got back from a trip to the area. We were there for the Ridge Monte Bello release and also went to Big Basin in Saratoga. You’ll really enjoy the Ridge tasting–I’ve been there on a less busy day too and they put on a worthwhile experience. It’s also a beautiful drive up there. Big Basin was great, you should check them out on your way up the hill. It’s just a tasting room in downtown Saratoga, but they pour a range of wines. If you like Middle Eastern food I would also recommend Rose International Market, down the street from Big Basin–pretty solid and cheap.

According to Mt. Eden’s site it looks like they do a tour but no tasting. I remember hearing from Rhys a while back that they didn’t have the infrastructure to put on a tour/tasting, but maybe they make exceptions for Berserkers.

Here’s a thread I made before we took our trip: Walk-In Santa Cruz Mtns. Tasting Room? - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers

People make some other suggestions on wine and restaurants.