Virginia Wineries

Looking thru the threads, I don’t see much recent discussion of VA wineries. Sorry if I missed relevant threads within past couple of years, feel free to provide link is they exist.

Live in NC, heading to VA for a week soon and would love to make wineries a key part of the trip. Starting around Charlottesville for a couple of days, then heading up to Front Royal to drive Skyline down to BRP ultimately landing in Asheville NC to pick up kiddos from sleep away camp.

Have no agenda currently other than above and can adjust travel plans for worthwhile detours.

Prefer old world style wines, especially Loire, Rioja, Ribera Del Duero, Champagne, Bierzo Mencia, Alsace. Favorite varietals include Mencia, Cab Franc, Chenin Blanc, Tempranillo, Viognier, Riesling, Gewurtztraminer, Arneis, though we love trying all wines, especially interesting varietals and production methods. Bottom line–we like well made, good wines.

TLDR: VA wineries worth visiting around Charlottesville, SKyline Drive, Blue Ridge Parkway to Asheville NC.


From the blue ridge originally. That will be a beautiful drive!

Wineries are super variable. Early Mountain down by c-ville is worth a stop.

Since you’re a cab franc fan, I’d stop by BARBOURSVILLE. They have library tastings and it’s interesting to see the history of Virginia cab franc through the lens.

If you go through Sperryville, Copper Fox (whiskey) and pen Druid (wild ale) are worth a stop.

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I loved visiting RdV… wines are incredible.

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Thanks for the recs!

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Stinson, King Family and Pollack are all in a loose cluster just west of Charlottesville and just east of the parkway all would be interesting. (King and Pollack are right next to each other).
There are a bunch of good wine stores in Charlottesville you may enjoy poking around.

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Virginia native and current resident here. Linden Vineyards should be on your list for Front Royal. Jim Law has been making some good wines for a while. I’m particularly a fan of his Hardscrabble Red and Hardscrabble Chardonnay. I don’t purchase much, since for me the value isn’t necessarily there compared to what else I’d like to drink, but they are delicious and thoughtful wines.


It’s been a while, but my favorite Virginia winery is Cave Ridge, Mt. Jackson, in Shenandoah Valley. Strong Cab Franc, Chamborcin, Viognier, Reisling.

For frame of reference, I lived in Virginia in 1980’s-90’s, still have family in southwest tip (Bristol), and for many years since travelled I-81 and I-64 across Virginia’s wine regions on a regular basis. My last visit with wine stops was pre-pandemic, however.