Virage Vineyards - Package Prices with Free Shipping EXTENDED

Offer extended through the weekend

Virage Vineyards

THREE PACKAGES, all with Free Shipping:
3-Pak 2007 Virage Red $125
6-Pak 2007 Virage Red $235
12-Pak 2007 Virage Red $450

My website allows custom “coupon codes” so Beserkers will go to, collect the desired items in their cart, and enter the corresponding coupon code at checkout (BD3, BD6, or BD12) to get the BeserkerDay price and free shipping. Additional items purchased (say, some freshly-bottled rosé) will ship free as well :slight_smile:

Berserkers tasting notes on Virage: forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=36589

Broken link for the tasting notes.

here’s the link to WB TN thread.

I really like this wine.

I can definitely vouch for the quality of Virage and Cab Franc from Hyde. I’m still periodically opening bottles of 2005 Havens Bourriquot that really impress, and I tried a barrel sample of the 07 Virage a couple of years ago that kept the tradition going. Nice offer.

Havens (former BerserkerDay offering) and Virage are related??

Emily can step in and clarify the exact arrangement if she gets a chance, but she took over a selection of the vineyards from the now-defunct Havens Wine Co. So essentially this stuff is made from the same sources as Havens Bourriquot–their right bank Bordeaux CF-Merlot blend.

In for a three-pack plus three Rose. I’m very intrigued by these wines.

Great wines I had some last year

Hi Beserkers - D.Rod is right! Virage is producing at Alpha Omega with the help of fun and talented Jean Hoefliger - we have no relationship to Havens Wine Cellars before or after its demise–I was inspired by those wines and took over vineyard blocks developed for former HWC. I’m in for the evening if there are more questions.

Online ordering link: This is the first I have ever discounted! So please, enjoy.

I dug up a few more bottles of 2010 Rosé and happy to take pre-orders on the 2011 Rosé - will ship free along with the reds.

For those of you who couldn’t possibly research all the great offerings, I am keeping the Virage BD coupon codes open through the weekend. Welcome to the cooler side of Napa Valley :slight_smile: No hustle, no pressure. Affordable, great wine.
I am drinking a bottle of 2007 Virage I opened Wednesday evening and I think this is the best it has ever tasted…(not that any of you could keep an open bottle quite that long).

Keeping it open isn’t a problem. It’s keeping any wine in it.

Just coming off of a full paydown (yea!) of my cc and trying to remain flush, I could not say no to this.
Awesome stuff. [cheers.gif]

Cool! Thanks for extending the offer…my final purchase from another great BerserkerDay!

Thanks Emily for extending the offer, can’t wait to try your wines! [dance-clap.gif]

I had to get some thanks for extending the offer

I got another request this morning, so I will keep the codes live on the website until EOM. Love you guys (meaning, and girls) and your passion for discovering new flavor expression brought to you by grapevines.

Virage is in the house!

Thanks Emily

At the 3hr mark what was a good glass of wine transformed into a fantastic bottle of wine, patience is required… thank you Emily!

I will be buying more.

Good to hear. I’m also looking forward to trying the rose of Cab Franc.

Scott W speaks the gospel with this wine. Scott, was that 3hr in a decanter or in the bottle?

I just polished of a bottle myself, opened Friday 11am, decanted and straight back in the bottle, just a couple ounces removed, then re-corked, no gas, left on counter, and on Saturday night… Grand Cru Bordeaux. Just insane. The bright acidity takes supporting role and no longer dominates, the texture becomes fully leaded, tightly-layered flavors and really deep dark minerality and that bittersweet cocoa finish… Like blood to a vampire that minerality. Very compelling stuff. Sorry, don’t mean to be gushing over my own wine, but I encourage patience. No doubt this portends good aging, but you can always buy more–I’m planning to keep a library of like 100 cases of the 2007 it’s so good.