VIRAGE NAPA VALLEY *Right Bank* CabFranc-Merlot Blends @25-50% discounts! +MAGNUMS & half bottles

Hi Berserkers! Can’t believe it’s my 7th BDay!

Do you love rich fruit, complexity, depth, and minerality?

Welcome to a cooler corner of Napa Valley, Right-Bank Bordeaux Style blends from optimally-ripened fruit in volcanic soils, aging brilliantly. Depth and complexity from the fruit, not heavy oak. These are rich, dense wines, balanced by natural acidity retained in a cooler, slower ripening environment–from Carneros hillsides bathed in bay breezes and the top of Atlas Peak basking in cool sunshine. Slow maturation permits even ripening of flavors, tannins, and aromatics–without high sugar levels (creating high alcohol). And with age, developing lush texture, weight and finish.

25% off anything we have available.

Can combine with any bundle below. Rare few 2007 and Barrel Select 2012 still available.
Just added 2010 and 2011 hand-etched magnums to the BD11 price. About 24 left in total.
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3PAK FLYER, MINI VERTICAL @25% off = $141
The cool-climate cab franc / merlot blend that started it all… One bottle each 2010, 2011, 2012
Wines all rated 91-93
Press: Virage Pro Reviews
Lots of TN’s on CellarTracker and WB
Double up for a 6pak! Add the 6pak Rose’ below for only $81 to make a killer case…
6PAK SAMPLER @30% off = $239
(1) 2007 Virage (the bomb, tastes like $150) + (1) each VIRAGE 2010, 2011, 2012
(1) BOURRIQUOT 2012, the 2nd label blend + (1) Dry Rose’ of Cabernet Franc

Wait, SECOND LABEL?? Yes, I’ve been holding out on y’all for years now… sorry… there was limited supply of 2008 and 2010.
With the bumper crop of 2012, you are gonna SCORE delicious JUICY DENSE 73% Atlas Peak CabFranc and 27% Carneros Merlot,
from the same vineyards, aged in the same barrels as the highly-rated 2012 Virage.

6PAK ALL REDS @30% off = $249
(1) 2007 Virage (the bomb, tastes like $150) + (1) each VIRAGE 2010, 2011, 2012
(2) BOURRIQUOT 2012, the juicy delish 2nd label blend

(NOTE: Taste through and REORDER these wines AT SAME PRICE through end of MARCH)

12PAK EMILY’S MIX @33.33% off = $388.69What I would want…This is an awesome case deal.
(2) each VIRAGE 2010, 2011, 2012 + (3) BOURRIQUOT 2012 blend + (3) Dry Rose’

Because I’m MOVING (more on this–and my copious use of y’all–later, when I start drinking…) I’m selling cases at cost.
STOCK UP, it’s a crowd pleaser. Kinda proud of my 7year history of 100% likes on my rose’s on CellarTracker

50% off, no joke
Throw a party!! Split with a friend!

_PLEASE ORDER 12bottle cases only_Order early …19 cases total available.


VIRAGE SHIPPING RULESIf you’ve ordered Virage before, you know I’m fanatic when it comes to shipping…

  1. Unless you pop for Air/Express, all orders will ship FEDEX GROUND $20 FLAT RATE (the more you order, the cheaper per bottle!) Live rates from FedEx will show as you check out; you’re smart, you’ll choose live rates if lower.
  2. I will ship to all states except Utah, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma. If you’re in Alabama, I include a tax form with the wines and ship to your local ABC Store for you to pick up and pay tax in gratitude for their service holding the wine for you in air-conditioned comfort. Just tell me which store.
  3. I WILL SHIP TO HOLD FOR YOU AT A LOCAL FEDEX OFFICE unless you CHOOSE A BUSINESS ADDRESS where folks are around to sign. I cannot sleep nights thinking your wine might bumble about town all afternoon on a FedEx truck parked in the sun while the driver has lunch. If you know your favorite local FedEx office, or Walgreen’s/JewelOsco, where you like to pick up, please share :slight_smile: Your winemaker is the shipping clerk; there is nothing more important than making sure we don’t ruin years of careful handling in the final journey to you!




Emily -

Hey - trying to check out. It is not popping the $20 shipping - showing a higher amount? We moved to Mass… Let me know what to do?


On it!!! Sheesh, you’re quick this AM

Done!! GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! Thanks Jonathan!!

If anyone wants to split a case of the halfsies, let me know! I’d like 6 of the '11 Bordeaux blend, but 12 is a lot for us, as I have a towel hanging on our oven that proclaims ‘corks are for quitters’, so it’s a mantra I have to live by, thus, only use half bottles in emergencies! (Obviously Orange County preferred, for ease of sharing)

The pricing on her rose is sick!! An absolute steal…

In for 2 cases - so much for restraint [snort.gif]

Todd, I’m going to make an exception for you. Go ahead and order 6, I will lift the restriction for a minute it’s going to be 40% off those, I’m doing last minute programming here. I have ONE 6-pack half-bottle shipper and you get special treatment :slight_smile:

Once again - can’t resist!

I’ll still wait to see if someone wants to join up, just because it’s $19 to ship to me, or $20 for a case thanks to the BerserkerDay special! If nobody jumps…then I go with it!

I just opened one of those this week for myself, really nice wine.

Oh, interesting, still $19 when you only order 6? Should be lower… back to double-checking settings, might have weight wrong…I do always need a few pit stops on Preview Day!

In for a case of 2008 375s

Smart! Only two left! They were a huge hit last year [cheers.gif]

Todd, happy to split but located in OR.
Emily, sent you a dm on the best way to handle this split and a couple other items of interest.

Hey folks - the rose’s in half bottles would be awfully fun at valentine’s day… A dozen rose’? Lasts longer than the flower…!!

Todd, I can split this with you. I live in OC.

Let’s do it - where in OC are you? I can order, then we figure out how to meet up to split (or can do Legends/Spectrum where my offsite is)

I’m in Huntington Beach. Happy to meet at Hi Times, Spectrum, wherever.

Hey, while you guys are at Hi Times, I bet you know the buyer, I mean what does it TAKE to get in there, lol… I’d love to sell this wine there, and if they would TASTE it, I know they’d love to sell it :slight_smile:

Had to tweak the offer on the babies, divine intervention, was selling too cheap. Mix/Match works now @40% off any baby in stock!!!