Virage Napa Valley is back for BDayV!

Hi Beserkers!

Late entry here, but killer deals. I love you all - Beserkers have been very good to Virage. So here goes, short and sweet:

Our complex, cool-climate CabFranc/Merlot blends are all on special for you with NO CHARGE GROUND SHIPPING on MIN 4-pak shipment:

  • 25% off any mixed 4-PAK

  • 30% off any mixed 6-PAK+

This includes the Beserker favorite 2007 Virage blend, now library wine, the reserve 2-barrel lot from 2008 we call Barrel Select just a few left and the crazy smooooth 2008 and …

Offered for the first time: 2010 VIRAGE! Blended and bottled at Alpha Omega (so it says Rutherford on back, but still same cool-climate sources including HYDE VINEYARDS), not yet released, reviewed or even tasted by ANYONE. OK, me, and Jean. More on my website, where I know how to load a photo rolleyes Use Codes: BD4 and BD6

I’ll try to get a photo going here while you all agonize.

Thank you, and email or PM me if any questions,

The 2007 Blend is killer.


Thanks King. I think KILLER speaks for itself. Especially at this price :slight_smile:

In for a mixed 4 pack!

in for 6 of the 2010s

Hey all, I’ll delete this later, but so you know, I’ll ship anywhere. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! See what happens when I start tasting that 2010…

For you to say a cab blend from a vintage we are both unimpressed with is really saying something…


Best Cali CF I’ve tasted. Cellartrackers love it too. Including some guy calling himself king cab. [cheers.gif]

I still have two of the 2007, money. Here are some tasting notes for those that are curious.

Have not had Virage but looking forward to trying given favorable notes.

Y’all are FUN. Lots of trial pak orders with multiple vintages. No two orders the same! So… all you brave first time Virage buyers, here’s a special thank you KICKER: Taste, enjoy, pick your favorite and re-order a case before summer (basically, while I can still ship ground) and I’ll give you the same price. (If that’s OK by Todd?)

It looks like I will then be opening a few bottles this spring.

Wasn’t going to do it, but in for more.

So the talk here and the CT reviews got me. 2 each of the '07, '08 & '10. Can’t wait to try them!

I’m in! Loved the 2007 - can’t wait to try the 2010!

Just a quick shout out to say that this was an awesome thing to add. Thanks, Emily, for the offer and for your assistance with the ordering process. Much appreciated. Can’t wait to taste the wine!


Remember that I noted yesterday I’m done for the day?
WB day are built to break you, I guess… Well, I am sure I will enjoy it :slight_smile: Can’t wait for a line up!

To all of you who pruchased, THANK YOU!!! I’m embarrassed I haven’t got a note back to everyone yet! I hope the freezing easterners are well stocked for the winter–you’re in my thoughts, but will be last to ship for obvious reasons.