Vintry Fine Wines in NY

Trying to contact Vintry Fine Wines store in NYC about shipping two bottles I ordered. Phone is busy endlessly all day, emails are returned as undeliverable. Does anyone know whether the store is closed/out of business or whether this was a sham business to start with?

I know they have a relatively new store that is most definitely open in the World Financial Center Area, right by my office, was under the impression that it was their second location.

The store definitely exists. I’ve been in it a number of times while waiting to meet for a movie across the street. Nice selection, attractive store, but seems overpriced so I’ve never bought anything.

I was there in August and bought something. I’d be surprised if they’d closed already; they just opened this year or last.

I bought something from them some months back and had no problems with email or phone.

i ordered from their website a while back, was never charged and never got the goods…

if they don’t want my business, i aint chasing them, though a good friend has had some great deals from them.

Day #2:
Still busy signal on phone.
Still emails returned as undeliverable.
Anyone on these boards walk by this store in Manhattan? Let me know what you see.

you must have the wrong number, I just called and got through. Try: 212-240-9553

I live across the street, I’ll look on the way home. Honestly, my limited experience with these guys has been all good, I’m kind of shocked it’s been such a tough experience for you.

Thanks everyone.
I saw on the website that they were supposed to have a wine event tonite with someone from Harry’s Restaurant, so I called Harry’s.
They looked up the number for me (I had tried calling NYC information, but they claimed they had no listing for Vintry Fine Wines, just Vintry Wine and Whiskey Bar, so I couldn’t get a local number to call).
So…I called and reached them. They said the 888 number on the website was only valid before the store opened, and now is not connected…and yeah, they said that they need to put their actual number on the website.
They were not sure why their email was not letting emails through, and would check on that.
So, success, they are shipping my bottle of 09 Barthod Cras, and I can rest easy.
Not a lot at stake, but after a bit of a burn with Rare LLC some years ago, I am sensitive when I can’t reach a business that owes me wine, and I fear the worse.
Thanks again everyone.

I’ve ordered twice and received nothing. Got an email the second time letting me know

  1. the vineyard was wrong
  2. the vintage was wrong
  3. despite these, the wine was sold out.
    They are now blocked from my wine-searcher.

As I live in the neighborhood, I would just point out that within a reasonably small area there are actually several wine shops with confusingly similar names:

  1. Vestry Wines (Tribeca)
  2. NY Vintners (Tribeca)
  3. Vintry Fine Wines (Battery Park City)
  4. Vintry Wine & Whiskey (Financial District)

Harry’s Restaurant is just down the block from Vintry Wine & Whiskey, so if Harry’s was doing an event with Vintry then it was probably #4. #4, by the way, is really just a wine bar, but is connected to Royal Wine Merchants (i.e., physically - they are part of the same building). You should probably figure out which of these shops you are buying from. If you can tell me the address I can tell you which one it is.

Michael I think you’re wrong. Harry’s Restaurant shares ownership with #3, and I think that’s where the event was, notwithstanding the closer physical proximity between Harry’s Restaurant and #4.

Do #4 and RWM share ownership?

Based on what I’ve seen in the media, Harry’s steak is the same ownership and shares a “cellar” (not in the literal-physical, but in the ownership sense) with both Vintry Wine and Whiskey (the wine bar on Stone Street) and Vintry Fine Wines (the wine store in the GS building breezeway). Vintry Wine and Whiskey shares a PHYSICAL cellar space with Royal Wine Merchants, but, at least according to the folks at RWM, does not share BOTTLES with RWM. Nevertheless, I’ve seen a lot of unusual wines at both Vintry Fine Wines and RWM (and nowhere else in NYC) that makes me wonder whether there’s more interaction between RWM and the Vintries (and Harry’s) than we’re aware of.

We all know the stories about RWM; that being said, there are a lot of nice, well-stored and clearly legitimate bottles at all of these establishments, particularly at Vintry Fine Wines, which has an excellent and well priced selection of cult wines from CA (I bought nice examples of Cayuse and Littorai there recently at very favorable prices). I don’t buy in the stratosphere where there were rumored problems at RWM, and I have no idea whether that’s relevant to buying at Vintry.

Reputable store with a reputable guy at the helm in Mike Martin. I assure you that if you reach out directly to him, he’ll do right by you.

Well I have no idea about the event in question - you could well be right - but my understanding of the ownership (and my related suspicions) are exactly as David said above. I would add that I have purchased bottles from RWM and been perfectly satisfied, but, like David, I generally do not buy anything expensive from them.

The Vintry in that little pedestrian mall on the battery park city side of West Street is quite good. I think the prices are mostly excellent and the Burg selection is deep. Good place to find older vintages too. Out of the way location if you don’t live or work downtown, and sort of even if you do. But I like the store.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Mike Martin and I am the General Manager / Wine Director here at Vintry Fine Wines. The most recent posts on have been brought to my attention and I would like to explain any possible confusions.

  1. Vintry Fine Wines is located at 230 Murray Street on the pedestrian breezeway between Murray and Vesey Streets in Battery Park City, New York. Vintry Wine and Whisky is located at 57 Stone Street in the Financial District. Though we do share the same name, Vintry Fine Wines is a Fine Wine Merchant and Vintry Wine and Whiskey is a Wine Bar.

  2. In response to Mr. Robert Grenley, Mr. Michael Kelly, and Adrian Walsh’s difficulties in placing an order, I sincerely apologize for all of the inconveniences that you have experienced. Over the course of time since our opening we have struggled with certain glitches in our system with regards to our e-mail, product update, and our toll-free 888 number that we have listed on our website; however, these problems have been identified and are currently being addressed and I can assure that they will be resolved immediately. I hope that these minor setbacks will not deter you from affording Vintry Fine Wines the opportunity of meeting and exceeding your expectations on service.

  3. Mr. Zylberberg, Royal Wine Merchants is a tenant at 13 South Williams Street, they are their own business and have absolutely no affiliation whatsoever with Vintry Wine and Whisky or Vintry Fine Wines. The core of our “old and rare” selections comes from our very own, Harry Poulakakos, who at the age of 74 is still an avid wine lover and collector and has been for more than 4 decades. He has assembled quite the renowned cellar for himself over the years, which I now personally oversee. We deal with some of the greatest collectors in the world and take the utmost care and pride in sourcing the wines that we offer.

Hope this made things a little clearer and I look forward to meeting all of you at some point for a drink at either Vintry.


Mike Martin
Wine Director
Vintry Fine Wines

thanks for clarifying.
PM sent.