Vins de Meditation/ Vini da Meditazione

Hi everyone,

My recent experience with the excellent Sabelli-Frisch Mission del Sol got me thinking. I’ve always liked the idea of “meditation wines”- there’s something romantic about them. But I’ve always thought of them as as concentrated, super sweet, dessert wines- Sauternes, TBA, Vin Santo, maybe even a Cognac or Armagnac.

But this late harvest Mission is dry, not super viscous, relatively light in body, but still the perfect meditation wine for me. I don’t drink this sort of stuff often, but I do enjoy an occasional solo late night moment with wine.

So I’m wondering what you all find to be your favorite meditation wines. Sweet? Dry? Curious to hear your thoughts!


@Noah_C - I love the idea of meditation wine! Alas, my first love is chasing pairings, and so rarely if ever have anything left for a nice late-night meditation wine.

That being said, on the rare occasions I do, it would be a dry wine that was either super complex and kept me guessing, or were off the charts / has me seeing stars good, that I just want to worship. :pray:

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Channing Daughters makes a dry, concentrated wine called Meditazione. I tend to think of meditation wines as something that are kind of the antithesis of glou-glou regardless of sugar content.