Vinous and CT

Does anyone know if Vinous will link into CellarTracker?

I am waiting to hear from Antonio. He indicated that he would be in touch after he launched his new site.


I was looking today. I signed up for the new site, and really hope that the integration takes place.


I see no reason why it wouldn’t.

This was recently posted on the Squires board by a person sound of mind:

Note to TWA investors: My Wines
Dear Investors:

Please strongly consider reaching out to Eric Levine of to combine MyWines with the absolute best and biggest community of TNs and cellars on the internet. I’ve been a dedicated subscriber to the Parker software programs from the beginning and now an am on MyWines, but with the lack of tech support and the bugs that need worked out, you could really use the help of a computer expert like Eric. You could also add value to his community with

Don Thomas

Sorry it took a little while.

Antonio’s Vinous content is now fully integrated within CellarTracker for co-subscribers!

This is such good news, Eric! Congrats to you and your team and Antonio and his team.

I would strongly encourage any Vinous members who do not use CT to start using it.

And anybody who is not a member at Vinous should consider joining. It is a technologically advanced site with loads of features (the maps and the videos are great) and nearly 40,000 wine reviews that you will now be able to see through CT. There is also a forum where people only discus wine. Those who crave civility should definitely take a look! (For those who crave incivility, we will always have Berserkers!!!)

The yin and yang of the wine world, CT & WB. [thankyou.gif]

Been debating a Vinous subscription and this makes it an easy decision. Have dropped Spectator. Will continue WA but would really, really, really like the WA people to see the light and see it now. It is inevitable that they follow the same course to stay viable, why make us wait longer?

My thoughts exactly on this. Boo on the timing though, my spectator sub just renewed. I’ll probably pick up vinous anyway and drop spectator next year.

The link is working for me, thanks Eric.

Sorry for the bad timing.

Hmmm might have to trade WA for Vinous

This is indeed excellent news and my inclination to subscribe to Vinous has gone from definitely not to probably so (and I still have some old Piedmont Report issues). But Germany, Alsace and the Loire are huge gaps for me. For me David Schildknecht would complete the trifecta with CT and AG.

Maybe you should convince David to work with Antonio… :wink:

Yep. If David stAred to review burg there I’d drop Tanzer and subscribe ASAP.

The problem with David is that he’s too slow for Vinous - they’re incredibly fast at getting stuff out and there’s new content practically every day.

Interesting “Group” subscription option at Vinous. Anyone know how that works, and if a few of us got together would we be able to save some $$?