Vinotheque QT500 $500

Hi folks,

I just joined here, but was happy to see many familiar names that I met and/or conversed with back in my active days on other boards. Very nice to see many of the same folks stomping around here!

I have a couple of things I need to get rid of as part of moving from Scottsdale to the UK this spring.

The best item is this furniture quality wine cooler:

• I’m the Original Owner of this beautiful Oak Wine Cabinet. Vinotheque made arguably the finest wine coolers and this one is their QT Series.
• Furniture quality, impressive finish.
• Numerous upgrades; Oak finish, Ritz glass windows, vintronic cooling.
• Works perfectly and looks new.
• Racking holds 324 bottles and the “open space” at the bottom for magnums and half bottles holds another ~20 bottles, for a total capacity of nearly ~350 bottles.
• The racking is the “universal” size that conveniently holds all 750ml bottle types, from wider Champagne to slender Bordeaux bottles and everything in-between.
• The unit is 86" high x 40" wide x 32" deep.

I should mention that there is something going on with one of the feet under the unit. When the movers placed it in my house here back in 2015 they mentioned something about it, but I was at work and not here at the time. When I got home I could see its a tiny bit off-level. They said the foot needed some attention. I haven’t moved it to check it out. So there “is” something that you should look at and fix when moving it. Fwiw, I’ve not done anything (just left it alone) and its been sitting here and looking and working well for the past 4 years.

Ideally a buyer here in PHX area, but for this low price, it might be worth your paying to have it shipped to you by a professional mover. IIRC this was over $5000 new. And I paid over $1000 additional later on when I had the racking totally replaced with the larger “universal” racking to accommodate the ever-growth bottles sizes we see out there.

I sure hope someone here can take advantage of this offer and get a top-of-line ~350 bottle furniture quality wine cabinet for the price of a small plastic one…

Dave Sankaran
2 Wine Cabinet.JPG
2.1 Wine Cabinet.JPG

Anyone here know a ballpark price for shipping something like this across the country?

I wish this was in/near LA…

Phoenix is 372 miles away; one waying a uhaul wouldn’t be that expensive.

This seems like it’ll be gone before I could figure out logistics to ship to Atlanta. Dang

I had someone in PHX say they want it…we shall see if they can handle the move…so it “may” be spoken for already. I’ll post here with updates…

The local guy was a no show, so its available. For getting a shipping/moving quote, here are the numbers:

The unit is 86" high x 40" wide x 32" deep.
Weight ~300 pounds.

Dave, I’m interested in purchasing this. I live in the SF Bay Area so would just need to arrange shipping. Please let me know if the item is still available. Thanks.

Hi Jeff,

The local guy is trying again to pick it up today (he has cancelled several times). He made a deposit on it, so I’ve been patient waiting for him to get it. Today is his last chance to show up and get it before I go to the next buyer. If he fails that, it will be available again. I’ll PM you if it comes back on the market.

Great. Thanks Dave. My QT500 just gave out, and so we have just the right place for it. Thanks. Jeff

The guy just picked it up. SOLD.