VinoTemp Wine Cellar

VinoTemp oak trimmed, insulated wine cabinet. Double door, left side latches top and bottom with slide latches, right side held by magnets. No keys but lock/handles could be swapped out if you need a locking unit. No issues with unit, simply outgrew it.

Cellar Pro 1800XT cooling unit, owners manual included.

234 double deep slots ranging from 3-1/4” - 3-3/8” square. Top shelf added has 11 rows to hold fatter bottles, Champagne, Turley, Magnums.
Fat Napa Cab bottles may rub and scrape labels, fatter ones need to go on top shelf. Will hold over 500 bottles and keep them at a steady 57°.

Outside Dimensions:
88”H x 55-12”W x 28-1/2”D

Unit is very heavy, will move on furniture dollies. Truck should have liftgate of you want to keep it upright. May deliver if local and you ask nice.
Located in Forestville, Sonoma County, CA

PM if interested


$1200 for 500+ capacity!

I want it but don’t know how I would transport it. My toyota corolla can’t transport it lol.

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Where are you located?


Reno NV…


I was going to say if you were local I’d deliver but… in my truck would be $400-$500 in fuel alone




That is true… Let me get back to you as I do want it. But just have to wait a few weeks to pick it up though.

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FYI, they are fairly easy to take apart and put back together.

I have done both 4 times with this exact unit

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Not much time or labor involved to take apart?

nope. Phillips screwdriver and Torx wrench.

even easier of course with a drill and the right bits.

infinitely easier to move

I’m assuming u took the capacitor and racking off as well? Not just the doors.


cooling unit comes out easily as well with a ratchet.

I took all the walls down

I changed the racking. Can’t imagine it’s that hard to take out

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Copy that thanks!

Even if you take it apart you will still need at least a pick-up truck to move it. 2 adults could load it and unload it assembled. Personally I wouldn’t want to go through all the work of disassembling it if it wasn’t necessary.

Bump, available again.



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