Vinoshipper and Temperature

I received a wine shipment recently that was sent UPS ground with VinoShipper. Half the shipment came in a styrofoam container with an ice-pack. The other shipment (a full case) was in a cardboard box with no temperature regulation. It was all from the same order.

I estimate the wine spent around 24 hours in temps 80-90 degrees.

How concerned should I be with this temperature exposure? The bottles show no signs of cork enlargement or leakage.


My general thought is that if the wine looks ok (no cork protrusion or seepage) than it’s probably fine. Even if there is cork protrusion the wine will probably be fine in the short term.

I had a couple incidents where I received bottles that were inadvertently shipped in suboptimal temperatures that had cork protrusion. When I contacted the vendors they reshipped or credited me and told me to keep the wine. I opened them right away and in all cases the wine was sound and in some cases spectacular.


I appreciate the reply. Thanks!

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In my experience Vinoshipper is a third party that maintains the shipping licenses and software that enables wineries/wine stores to ship direct. They, themselves, do not do fulfillment. The odd/mixed packaging may have originated at the winery or distributor.

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Depends how long you are planning to keep the wine. Low grade heat damage generally just accelerates the aging curve and will never be noticed if you are drinking them in the next few years. If they are 2019 first growth BDX futures that you want to drink in 50 years, that’s a different story.

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I don’t think wine will have any heat damage if there isn’t increased oxygen ingress from cork protrusion, etc. Wine has been exposed to higher temperatures in fermentation and at other points. A few hours of 80-90 degree temperatures without cork compromise may increase the normal process of aging by a bit, but lets say those processes increased 100 fold, that would only be 100 days worth of aging in this case.


If it’s low or “no” sulfur you should be more concerned.

I appreciate the replies. The wines have standard sulfur levels and will likely be consumed in the next 3-5 years.


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