Vineyard for sale

31 acres, south of France, classic mix of grapes. Owner retiring.
Domaine is almost contiguous, in excellent condition, with great vineyard management in place.
Custom crush options available.
Wines have very good press.
Or maybe you could buy half an acre in Napa.

Please e-mail for details only if you have a serious interest.

Thank you.

Dan Kravitz


okay @ToddFrench are we ready to take WB to the next level? have always thought about a community owned domaine. LFG!


Don’t think I haven’t considered it…


let’s action this. this community has a ton of contacts that can help facilitate. i have a few for sure.

We can get @Robert.A.Jr to write up the contract

Does the site need fill dirt?

I know the feeling…sigh

I could throw in a hundo.

I hope not literally. :scream:

Added…. Somehow the comment being about S of France, made me think of subsidence and flooding, not an island

I didn’t post this as a joke, but also didn’t expect any replies. I’d still be very surprised if I wound up with an American buyer, but that would be my preference.

The vineyard is about 20 miles inland from the Mediterranean and 30 miles north of Spain.

I’m traveling now through the weekend, will get back to this early next week.

Thanks to all who posted on the thread and who sent messages.

Dan Kravitz

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Wine for the people, by the people. Would be so cool and super exclusive. Wonder how long the wait list would be

Sounds wonderful

Beautiful part of the world.

How can wine for the people also be super exclusive and have a wait list?! :joy:

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Theres only one way to find out!

We actually pay you to drink our wines it’s that exclusive. If only Bill could learn a few things from our model. Instead he charges you $130,000!