Vinexpo America March 2023 tradeshow - is it worth it?

Hi there,
As a newbie to the wine space i was wondering if anyone has been to this tradeshow?

Any feedback? Is the content good? good for networking? Anyone here planning on attending?
Thanks so much,

Absolutely. Something for everyone (meeting potential producers for your import portfolio, finding a new wine for your restaurant’s list, working on your palate or just attending the fab seminars)
The Riedel seminar is worth the price of admission to the entire conference!

I’ll be there!

So, as a supplier looking for distribution and import partners, I was looking into exhibiting but the price tag is so high we decided against it. Still wondering if it’d be worth it to attend, though!

Yikes! I’ve only attended as a restaurant/retailbuyer. You can definitely network…
What kind of wines and what market are you looking for partnerships?

Fantastic!! Thanks so much. Perhaps ill run into you there :slight_smile: