Vincent special 3-pack

Happy BerserkerDay 2015!

This year Vincent Wine Company is offering a special 3-pack of our 2013 vintage wines, two red and one white:

2 bottles of specially hand labeled and numbered bottles of 2013 Vincent Pinot Noir Ribbon Ridge Armstrong Vineyard
1 bottle of 2013 Vincent Pinot Blanc Willamette Valley.

Price - $59 for the 3-pack, pick up in Portland

Need ground shipping in the US? - Simply add a flat $15 for shipping and packaging for a total of $74.

To get in on this deal, email me at and provide a phone number so I can call for credit card information. Shipping would be around March and we can arrange it with your schedule. Locals can pick up immediately once we arrange a convenient time. I’m selling up to 20 of these special three-packs. Don’t delay, we sold out quickly last year (but did accommodate some extra orders!).

But wait, $59 for the whole three-pack? Isn’t the Armstrong bottling $39 retail per bottle?

Yes it is. But there’s a simple explanation. And it’s BerserkerDay, a time to do something crazy, so here’s the deal this year:

I simply didn’t order enough Armstrong labels last year and ended up hand labeling the extras with my tan Ribbon Ridge label (Armstrong is in the Ribbon Ridge AVA so it’s all good). To make these bottles distinct, I’ve hand written “Armstrong” on each bottle and individually numbered them all so there’s no mistaking the wine for the regular Ribbon Ridge. I could sell these to my mailing list, or to friends, but really, why not give Berserkers a crazy deal on one of my top wines of 2013 for a price that’s below wholesale. That’s the spirit of BerserkerDay.

How’s the Armstrong Pinot Noir in 2013? Gorgeous. Harvested at approx 23 brix before the late September rains, the wine is medium/dark crimson in color with earthy black olive and red berry aromas, floral, changing in the glass, then medium bodied on the palate, full flavored with fine tannin. There were just three older barrels in this blend, fermented naturally and bottled unfiltered as usual. Grower and fellow Berserker Doug Ackerman thinks it might be the best yet I’ve produced from his vineyard. See for yourself.

And what about that Pinot Blanc? I love this wine. Just two barrels, from the same exact casks as the 2012 Chardonnay I included in my offer last year, super clean but old barrels with no oak flavor. It’s made just like the chard, with native fermentation in barrel, aged on the lees for one year, bottled unfiltered. This Pinot Blanc is all seashells and citrus, with a roundness from cask and lees aging to balance the bright acidity. I love it with all kinds of seafood and, yes!, cheese plates. Fresh, brisk but still full flavored, this one is a terrific cheese wine.

To place your BerserkerDay order, email me at and don’t forget to include a phone number so I can call for payment information. Thanks!

Just a quick note that I’ll respond to orders as quickly as I can, if you reply you’re in and I’ll take care of you.

Thanks subscribers for some early orders. BerserkerDay 2015 is off to a good start. I’ll follow up with everyone as quickly as I can, in between a lot of activities this week. Can’t wait to do some buying too.

Happy to place my order! I’ve been a fan of Vincent’s wines for years! This is a great way to check them out for yourselves.

I’m in. : )

Y’all are smart! Vincent’s wines are gorgeous, nuanced, happy pinots. Vincent on the other hand… :wink:



Thanks Vincent

In. E-mail sent.

Happily in.

Likely not much left on this one…

Vincent makes some great Pinot.

Great stuff from Vincent. Already bought a mixed case of the 13’s but this is an insane value!

We’re just about sold out. I do have a bit of the regularly labeled Armstrong I could sub in for the hand labeled ones (same wine inside), so any further orders will have to get that. Thanks for the support.


Hoping my email from earlier didn’t get lost in the shuffle! I’m definitely digging the idea of hand-labeled bottles.

Hope I got in before the close.

I’ve got you both covered, though Monte it may be regularly labeled Armstrong at this point.

Adam, you were in earlier and I can cover you with hand labels.

Further orders are going to be the regularly labeled Armstrong but again it’s the same wine.

Awesome. Thanks again! That’s all the confirmation I need, and the rest is entirely at your convenience.
Cheers, and looking forward to trying these!

E-mail sent, sounds awesome.

Damnit, don’t buy up all the Pinot Blanc or I won’t have any to pour at the restaurant.