Vincent - Oregon 3-packs

I’ve participated in BerserkerDay every year since 2011, happy to be back again. Thanks to everyone who makes BerserkerDay happen.

This year I’m offering a few different Vincent 3-packs, all ridiculous values in the spirit of BerserkerDay madness. Shipping is cheap, and even free if you put a few 3-packs together. Wine will come in February through April, as weather allows in your area. Our shipper serves most states. Note the Pinot offerings have library wines so they are LIMITED. Order now.

2015 Vincent Pinot Noir Armstrong Vineyard Horizontal 3-pack - $79 BerserkerDay Special
2015 Pinot Noir Armstrong Vineyard Cuvee Tardive, 2 bottles
2015 Pinot Noir Ribbon Ridge AVA, all declassified Armstrong fruit, 1 bottle
[CHANGE - 15 Armstrong regular bottling is gone, so 2 of the later bottled “Tardive” now with the Ribbon Ridge]

This Ribbon Ridge AVA site is just down the road from Brick House. Farmed organically, Armstrong gives a classic expression of Ribbon Ridge, with lovely finesse amid a fairly powerful structure. Compare the vineyard cuvee with the Ribbon Ridge bottling. Full retail: $110

xxxx-2014-2015-2016 Vincent Pinot Noir Bjornson Vineyard Vertical 3-pack - $89 BerserkerDay Special
One bottle of three vintages of this terrific site in the Eola Hills. Volcanic soils, windy, adjacent to Seven Springs, I love the red fruited finesse from Bjornson. Full retail: $122 [CHANGE - the '13 is gone so any additional orders will get the soon to be bottled '16 along with '14 and '15]

xxxx-2014-2015-2016 Vincent Pinot Noir Zenith Vineyard Vertical 3-pack - $89 BerserkerDay Special
One bottle each of this venerable site in the heart of the Eola Hills, Zenith gives more muscle with fine chalky tannin and terrific age worthiness. Full Retail: $122 [CHANGE - '13 also sold out, so I’m adding the '16]

2016 Vincent Gamay 3-pack - $55 BerserkerDay Special
2016 Gamay Noir Bjornson Vineyard x 2
2016 Gamay Noir Oregon x 1
Made like the Pinot - open top, natural fermentation and aged in older barrique. Bjornson gives a deep color with terrific purity, the Oregon bottling is a barrel from Bjornson plus a few barrels from a site in the Umpqua, all pepper and spicy berry fruit. Full retail: $70

2015 Vincent Pinot Blanc Cuvee Tardive 3-pack - $55 BerserkerDay Special
For a white alternative, three bottles of this special 2015 bottling. I held back two barrels of Blanc from the main bottling to allow this cuvee a full year and a half on the lees. This wine is 11.3% alcohol and shows terrific mineral character, and the barrels were all 10+ years old. Full retail: $69

Ground shipping options:
One 3-pack: $15
Two 3-packs: $25 total
Three 3-packs: $25 total (will ship in a 12-pack box, you might as well fill it up)
Four or more 3-packs: free shipping

TO ORDER: email Vincent at what 3-packs you want, please include your contact information and if necessary your shipping information. I will invoice you via Square by email, super easy to pay.

Any Portland-area buyers, we can arrange pick up or possibly delivery in February.

For more information about Vincent Wine Company, check out I even did a special post on the home page to summarize more what I’m all about and why BerserkerDay is important.


BerserkerDay! pepsi [berserker.gif]

Awesome! Order in for 4 3-packs: 2015 Vincent Pinot Noir Armstrong Vineyard Horiz 3-pack, 2013-2014-2015 Vincent Pinot Noir Bjornson Vineyard Vertical 3-pack, 2013-2014-2015 Vincent Pinot Noir Zenith Vineyard Vertical 3-pack, and 2016 Vincent Gamay 3-pack. I have been wanting to try your wines. Thanks.

In for Bjornson, Zenith, Gamay, and Pinot Blanc 3-packs.

In for 2 packs. Looking forward to trying these wines.

For anyone who hasn’t tried Vincent’s Pinot Blanc I highly recommend it. I just ordered a 3 pack along with some Pinot Noir.

Thanks for the preview day love. I’m already culling the library to make some more verticals of Bjornson, but BerserkerDay is worth it.

I’m a little slammed today with regular life but email me any more orders, I will reply in order ASAP and confirm things. I’ll invoice late today so just deal with it over the weekend, no worries.

Happy BerserkerDay!

[worship.gif] Thank you Vincent!

In for an Armstrong Horizontal. Have been meaning to try

Thanks for the recommendation - sounds lovely. I’m in for the same!

Bonus: I get to look forward to a giggles and eyerolls when I pull out the eponymous bottle! [berserker.gif]

Ordered a three pack of the Bjornson.

Thx, Vincent!!
Very excited to try your wines. :wink:

Thanks everyone, love to see so many new buyers. I’m making some adjustments in the offer to account for things that are sold out, but fear not, there are some cool 3-packs remaining. [berserker.gif]

In for two 3-packs — one Gamay and one Pinot Blanc. Excited to see something different and interesting being offered.

Great stuff! I love the verticals of each vineyard. Also if anyone is on the fence, the Blanc Tardive is really fantastic–the leanness of the grape/ripeness is buttressed by the extended lees contact in a way that reminds me of Clisson, to some degree.

Count me in for a Bjornson and an Armstrong.

These Pinots cannot be beat. Seriously…

Nice, thanks guys.

But Clisson?!?! Even in a way?!?! [worship.gif]

Vincent makes awesome wine and I encourage folks to try them all. The tardive Blanc is really tasty, probably my favorite Pinot Blanc in Oregon. Thanks Vincent!

In for the Tardive Blanc

Vince brings it in the bottle!

In for Zenith and Armstrong 3-packs