Vin Santo

My wife and I had a very nice Vin Santo at Il Cortile in Paso Robles. Was looking for some and found the only one Total Wine carries. Not cheap ($40) and not as good as cheap tawny port. So looking for recommendations for good ones. Price matters a bit, want to keep it under $100.

For really value, go to:

Isole e Olena
Monsanto – you can sometimes find older ones in the mid - late nineties.

There are some much more expensive examples, but these are all fantastic in the $30 - $50 price range for 1/2 bottles.

While not cheap, Avignonese has to be one of the best. The oldest that I’ve been fortunate to enjoy was a 1988. Had the pleasure of closing a New Year’s Eve dinner with it last year. The Italian restaurant we dined in poured for my wife and I to drink and our two kids to use as a base for dipping biscotti. They (both under 21) thought that it was incredible that they might have “alcohol” poured for them. Great memories!

Try the 2004 Isole e Olena Vin Santo. This is the best one I have had recently…

Good choices. I’d add Capezzana at around $50-60.

Here’s another vote for Felsina.

I would suggest Argyros Vinsanto from Santorini … .

Avignonisi… awesome stuff!

And another for Felsina; I had the '95 a few weeks ago and it was marvelous, and easily at the quality level of other top dessert wines.

It is definitely vintage-dependent, as you might expect. I had the 2003 Felsina Vin Santo and it was not particularly impressive–restaurant wanted to unload it on us I guess…

Thanks for the information folks. Now off to see if I can find some of these, particularly the Felsina which had multiple mentions.


For Italian Vin Santo I strongly recommend the Lornano Vin Santo. For Greek Vinsanto, the Argyros and the Sigalas.

Good experience with Badia a Coltibuono, but the only TN I can find is the the 1997 (which I liked a lot) but none more recent.