Vieux Chateau Certan 2005

When I tasted this wine en primeur in 2006, it was immediately apparent that this was something special. Having just tasted Petrus, I was surprised that this showed a little bit more grip, a little more complexity. Other great Pomerols tasted later that day also seemed slightly pale in comparison.

Over the years, I have opened a couple of bottles, and while the promise was there, the wines remained obstinately closed. Today was the first time a little of that massive potential showed. The color is still a deep crimson, no brown on the edge. The nose is heavy with bright fruit, spice and leather, but still very primary. It hits all parts of the palate, yet there is lightness and freshness. Balance is almost perfect. The fruit and leather are now mingled with mineral, clove and also a mid palate whoosh of cassis. The finish is long, but as yet has not layered. Still a work in progress, perhaps another ten years to reveal its full potential. Magnificent. 99+


I don’t hv that wine, but need to seek some out!..I own 04, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17…04 is drinking nicely, but hvnt touched any of the others. Maybe 13 might be ready?

Nice note.



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I have some, and better yet, I remember where I put them!

Nice note, and I agree! Try La Conseillante 2005 alongside VCC 2005 for contrast. Both are amazing in this vintage.

Tasted from the barrel. I recall completeness, muscled and finesse. Alex Thienpont took a sip and poured back into the barrel the remaining from his tasting glass, smilingly muttering something like “… not ready.” I finished both mine and wife’s pour. Somewhat apologetic for the young wine tasting, he gifted wife and I with a bottle of 2004, with a recommendation for a St Emilion restaurant where they’s allow me to byob the bottle.
Not without stress, but the old Premier Cru came through with my ordered bottles of 2005, (still to-date) tissue-wrapped and all.

Appreciate the datapoint.

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Sounds amazing! VCC 2014 seems to be selling at a reasonable price, have you had experience with the 14s?

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I have more bottles of 2014 VCC than any other single wine. For me, the wine of an excellent if underrated vintage. Just beginning to go back into its shell, but the five bottles I had prior to that were superb.

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05 vs 98?

Having had both recently, the 2005. Not that the 1998 is a slouch.

Incidentally looked up the price of the 2005. Seems it costs less than current releases.

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Anyone opened 2008 lately while we discuss other vintages?

Not 2008, but had a 2004 a few weeks ago that was completely shut down even with a lot of air.

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Easy. 05 > 98.

Another half bottle. Still a really serious wine, but it seems less integrated than the last bottle. All the parts are there, but it took a full hour in the decanter before it did integrate .

Our self control was amazing but we were amply rewarded. A great wine in the making, although a couple of points below my initial score.