I will be in Vienna in mid Oct for a few days to attend a conference.

I was thinking of doing a day tour to Melk. Then would wish to go to Durstein and Krems and then back to Vienna.

Do not mind starting early and returning late.

Is this do-able by public transport - combination of train/boat/taxi?

We did this very trip about 10 years ago. It can be purchased as a package. We took the train to Melk. It’s a small town on the Danube with a beautiful abbey. We ate lunch before taking a boat (ferry) along the Danube; stopping at several towns, where you can get off the boat. From the last boat stop, you take the train back to Wien (Vienna).

The rolling hills, featuring vineyards and castles high on the hill, was breathtaking.

Since posting I have researched a bit more. Looked at the the OBB site.

Hope to get out from Vienna early morning to reach Melk just after 9 am. Look at the Abbey (self tour). Is there anything else besides the Abbey in Melk worth seeing.

Leave Melk between 1130 to 12.30 approx to reach Durnstein. See the town and possibly way to the castle ( budget 1.30 hours). Would like to visit the wineries (1 or 2 if possible -Alzinger, Knoll, Wauchau, Pichler). Any one with experience who has done any tastings at those places? )( budget another 1-1.30 hrs if I do tasting (s)).

Then on to Krems (bus/boat) -any tips on this part of the journey?

Krems- should an hour be sufficient? I guess it would start getting dark by then in mid October. Then train back to Vienna.

How does that sound?


My husband and I visited the Wachau last Fall, and really enjoyed our stay. The area is very beautiful. As far as wineries, Domaine Wachau, Pichler-Krutzler and FX Pichler are relatively close together. Emmerich Knoll and Tegernseerhof are near each other. However, I am not sure how you would get to these wineries if you are coming on a train or boat. Have you considered renting a car for the day? There is a Sixt car rental in the Vienna Hilton, and the drive from Vienna to the Wachau is an easy one. My write up on our stay will give you an idea of the location of the wineries, as well as contact information: Austria | Wine Travel Around The World


Coming from Australia, I find driving on the ‘opposite’ side of the road a bit daunting, especially on my own.

I did rent a car in Colmar and Avignon recently, for few days each time, but had my daughter navigating me which helped.

Austria tips.

Thanks Brig. Will look in to it.

Train from Vienna is easy to Krems and from there an easy bus ride to DW, FX etc. etc around that turn in the river. You could do a short bus trip to Knoll from there (10 mins) and eat in the Loibnerhof garden before tasting in Knoll across the street. Or reverse this course even. Bus back to Krems for train etc. On the way back into Vienna you can get of at Heiligenstadt and catch the U4 to central Vienna destinations easily.