Vice Versa Spring Offering 23

BTK, DrC, Mysterons and Mag 7 here. The Mag 7 is up there in quality with Realm’s Absurd. Whether that’s worth almost a 2X premium is personal to your palate. Left the rest on the table. VV makes one of my favorite DrC iterations. Agree with others that pricing is getting harder to swallow, but seems to be in line with what the market will bear to date.

As to the ‘21 vintage, in my discussions with folks from our last trip in Feb this year, lots of comparisons to ‘13 and ‘18 but with lower yields—only time will tell re quality but lower allocations already being seen across a number of producers.

you pick up 1 of each?

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BTK and mysterons. Only ones i was allocated. This is def my favorite Napa winery. Had a world class experience unlike any other a few years ago. Was hoping for Crane but no go I guess. Never tried it.

Did you wishlist?

1 of each?

Wishlisted Crane, BTK, and LPV. Grabbed a 3-pack of Mysterons and have only previously purchased the LPV from 2019 after being enamored with several other producers.

Definitely not a fan of $300/per, but these are definitely special wines and not something I’m normally popping on an average Tuesday. We’ll see what shakes out, but not disappointed either way.

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You wont be disappointed!


I haven’t heard of Bella Oaks before. I appreciate the tip there.

What does it go for per bottle if you don’t mind me asking?

Two each

I put in for the 7 and the Beatrix on the grounds I was unable to get those earlier. Yeah the prices are pretty eye popping buuuut… great vintners, great year and small vintage, you’re gonna pay.

$885 for a 3-pack. Considerably cheaper than VV. :rofl:


That’s a nice haul! How do you like the mag 7 compared to the SVDs? Haven’t gotten it as it’s almost 2x and the SVDs are so good!


You are all making me nervous if I dont get any wisges granted!

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Im skipping this round if anyone wants my allocation. Allocated all of them. Bay area local pickup only. Send me a pm

Offered Dr. Crane and Mag 7. Despite dropping off several lists after price increases past $250 per bottle, Vice Versa remains one of my favorites.

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I think you will get some of your wishlists at least

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Lots of wishlist items granted for me. Wanted more Crane, but happy with the order overall!

Same for me I picked up everything on the wishlist so it looks like they definitely spread the love around… Even though my credit card would say otherwise :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Figured a lot of wishlists would be granted!

Nothing for me yet