Vic & Anthony's in Vegas help

I’m heading to Vegas this weekend and several of my friends want to eat at this restuarant. I’m the wine guy in the group, though there are several others interested in wine. Corkage is $55 per bottle, rather steep. I was curious if anyone had been recently and could comment on the pricing on the list. I’m wondering if it’s even worth it to bring anything. If it’s crazy expensive I’ll probably bring something, but any more information would helpful as their list is not online, and I’m not quite sure what to do. Thanks

(Will be going to Lotus the other night)


Yikes, $55 for corkage fee – who do they think they are? Seriously.
Although I’ve been there a couple of times, I do not recall the list – my recollection is that it a standard overpriced steakhouse list with a few less than insulting markups – I think we drank Beuhler Cabernet price below $100, but I don’t remember exactly.
I suppose it depends on whether you’re crowd would appreciate wine enough or not.

I don’t know about the Vegas list, but at the original here in Houston the pricing is high. The last time I was there, there were some reasonably priced (twice retail) bottles to be found but they are tough to find. I used a website to check prices to find a good value - something I rarely do but did in this case. They do have a number of hard to find selections so it could be that is where you want to go - if you are going to pay a premium why not get a bottle of something you couldn’t otherwise get?