Very hard to post

The banner/ad is pushing my content so i cannot really post new topics probably as i cannot see the top part…

I need to click create before i get an error that will then take me to the title.

This is on a Samsung Galaxy phone.

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I will check to see if we can edit the anchor ad out of the editor/post

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@LasseK see if the situation is fixed

Its fixed. Thanks!

I cannot start a topic on my iPhone.

Can’t scroll to the submit button.

By the way, Gallo just bought Denner.

I’ve never seen this, can’t replicate it - what’s that wine business monthly article on the right? The image? If so, it’s showing in preview - you have it in desktop view, you goof. You are on mobile, have it on mobile view:

Once you click yours (which will say ‘Mobile View’) you’ll lose that preview column as it’s a mobile view on a mobile device

Where so I find the toggle for mobile view oh wise one?

The 3 bars menu


Still can’t find the submit button.

Did you hit the Mobile View button? It’s not telling you your status, it’s giving you the path to Mobile.

Oh :rofl:

Hence the ‘goof’ above…