There’s not much Vermouth chat on WB. I’d never had it before a recent trip to Barcelona. Different bars and restaurants each had a unique blend, some in barrels and others in bottles. We tried mostly dry red and white versions. The Catalonians drink it as an aperitif, or “to start our Sundays” as one cooking school owner told me.

I’m currently drinking a gorgeous red vermouth called Manuel Acha, Amurrio (Alava). It is fresh, herbal, complex and just a pleasure to sip on the rocks after a mountain bike ride. I know nothing about it, nor Vermouth in general for that matter.

Any Vermouth fans out there? How long can you keep these once they’re open? Any great bottles to seek out? General or specific information on this beverage would be appreciated.



We keep a few vermouths on hand, mostly for cocktails. A couple specific recommendations:for red, Carpano Antica Formula- great in cocktails or on its own, for white/other: Imbue Bittersweet-- just had this with a course at Little Serow (spicy northern Thai in DC) and really liked it so we bought a bottle- mostly to drink on its own. I also really like Noilly Prat Ambre, which is more a cross of a cross between vermouth and madeira-- I had this in France in 2005 and just recently found this in the US-- great with blue cheese. We also use Dolin for dry and sweet vermouth in cocktails.

Big fan. Have 2/3 on the go stored in the fridge usually.

Lots of interesting vermouth out there, few of my favorites.

Carpano Antica

How long do they last in the fridge?

Big fan of sweet vermouth – on the rocks and/or with a splash of soda. I need to learn a lot more about them, though, since so far, I have only tried the more common brands (Dolin, et. al.) Let me know what you find out there!

They have certainly improved with respect to the market. It is nice to see, and some competition for the green and red bottles!

Serious Carpano fan here - both red and white. I’ve been drinking vermouths for over 30 years and so glad they are no longer seen as only a mixer but also that new ones are available on the market.

Last year Matthiasson’s made a vermouth which was delicious - I’m hoping they are inspired to do it again - and that other favorite winemakers give it a go.

I’ve been told vermouths do not last - storage in fridge seems necessary tightly capped … they loose some flavor over time but I’ve had decent luck keeping them a bit - of course, perhaps my tastes are not refined enough to tell.

We keep a few on hand in the fridge. I think a Negroni is a nice way to compare different sweet vermouths. In my opinion, some vermouth can impart an oxidized character very similar to that in premox WB (Martini comes to mind but also Cocchi). We really like Sacred Spiced Vermouth (from London I think), and Vya (Quady Vineyards, CA).

Our Negroni recipe is 1 Gin (Bloom of late), 1 Sweet Vermouth, 1/2 Campari, 1/2 Aperol, Orange Peel (oils squeezed over the glass and rubbed on the rim). I’ve no idea whether this constitutes a traditional “Negroni”, but it’s what we like.

The version with Vya has a lovely coconut note to it, more rounded.

The Sacred version has more botanicals (and is my favourite).


Not long in my house…:wink:

I wouldn’t worry about a month or so.

I’m a Dolin fan. Dolin White + Club Soda + Lots of ice makes a refreshing low alcohol summer sipper.
Agree with Russell that vermouth (tightly capped) will last about a month in the fridge before starting to lose some aromatics.

Just checked and Matthiason will do vermouth again this Fall - very aromatic and worth drinking!

Another fan of Carpano Antica here. I won’t use anything else in a Manhattan.

I’ll second Imbue. They make a bittersweet vermouth and a red called Petal and Thorn.

Full disclosure, it was my idea.

Vermouth seems to be gong through a bit of a renaissance.
There are a few winemakers that are have been making some as side projects in recent here in Australia, and a couple of weeks back news filtered through that one of them has quit his long term wine making position to concentrate full time on Vermouth production

Strictly along with my gin here, and it’s Beefeater and Noilly Prat. I suppose I should expand my horizons.

If you haven’t hd the vermouth from Uncouth, you are missing out. I always have the carpano in the fridge, but also a bottle of uncouth. Just opened a bottle of the lavender Serrano version last week for some martinis and it was really great.