VELETA WINES **Offering 9 Deals & FREE SHIPPING!!!!!

Hi everyone!! Congratulations to Todd for yet another great year!! flirtysmile

This is the 3rd year that Veleta wines has been able to participate in the annual Berserker Day festivities and we are plumb full of GREAT DEALS!!!

VELETA WINES offering for Berserker Day 2016

Deals on 8 different 6-packs! And by popular request 1 12 pack!! Some of the best PQR wines on the planet.
No limits on Deals!!
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Veleta wines are estate grown and produced at Juan and Nola Palomar’s winery, Dominio Buenavista in the mountains of Granada, Spain.

• BDW01
Veleta Insignia Wines (6 pk) $156
3 bottles of each
Veleta Tempranillo Privilegio 2009 - 750ml
Veleta Noladós 2010 (40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Cabernet Franc, 20% Tempranillo) - 750ml
FREE shipping to continental USA - excluding AK and HI
• BDW02
Veleta Reserva’s Trio (6 pk) $105
2 bottles each
Veleta Noladós 2010 (40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Cabernet Franc, 20% Tempranillo) - 750ml
Veleta Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 - 750ml
Veleta Tempranillo 2009 - 750ml
FREE shipping to continental USA - excluding AK and HI
• BDW03
Veleta Tempranillo Library (6 pk) $87
2 bottles of each
Veleta Tempranillo 2006 - 750ml
Veleta Tempranillo 2008 - 750ml
Veleta Tempranillo 2009 - 750ml
FREE shipping to continental USA - excluding AK and HI

• BDW04
Veleta Cabernet Sauvignon Trio (6 pk) $105
2 bottles of each
Veleta Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 - 750ml
Veleta Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 - 750ml
Veleta Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 - 750ml
FREE shipping to continental USA - excluding AK and HI

• BDW05
Veleta Vijiriega (white) & Tempranillo Rose (6 pk) $87
3 bottles of each
Veleta Vijiriega 2015 - 750ml
Veleta Tempranillo Rose 2015 - 750ml
FREE shipping to continental USA - excluding AK and HI
• BDW06
Veleta Young and Fruity (6 pk) $75
2 bottles of each
Veleta Cabernet Sauvignon Roble 2013 - 750ml
Veleta Tempranillo Joven 2012 - 750ml
Veleta Tempranillo Joven 2013 - 750ml
FREE shipping to continental USA - excluding AK and HI

• BDW07
Veleta Sparkling (6 pk) $105
3 bottles of each
Veleta Brut Rosado NV (Traditional Methode Champenoise) - Tempranillo and Garnacha 750ml
Veleta Brut Blanco NV (Traditional Méthode Champenoise) - Vijiriega and Chardonnay 750ml
FREE shipping to continental USA - excluding AK and HI

• BDW08
Veleta Stickies (6 pk) $105
3 bottles of each - 500ml
Veleta Sweet Melodies NV 11% abv - 500ml
Veleta Don Miguel NV - Late harvest Cab Sauvignon and Merlot blend - aged 3 years on French oak barrels 18% abv Not Fortified
FREE shipping to continental USA - excluding AK and HI

• BDW09
2005 Veleta Cabernet Sauvignon (12 pk) $200
12 bottles of each
Veleta Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 - 750ml
FREE shipping to continental USA - excluding AK and HI

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As most other offers here on Berserker Day, we will not ship when there is a possibility for very cold weather. We will be in contact to let you know when I see favorable shipping temperatures. Some of my wines have not yet arrived to the US (2015 Vijiriega and 2015 Tempranillo Rose). I anticipate their arrival to Dayton by the first week of March 2016. Upon their arrival I will send buyers a personal notification.

About Veleta Wines and Dominio Buenavista
The village of Ugíjar is located on the south bank of Sierra Nevada, in the province of Granada and rests in one of the oldest wine producing areas of Spain. Around the year 2500 B.C., 4,500 years ago, the inhabitants on the south part of the Iberian Peninsula managed to domesticate the “Vitis Vitis” from which the actual ‘Vitis Vinifera’ evolved.

Together with olive oil, wine has been a staple in the diet of the Mediterranean people since the Bronze Age. The south part of Spain provides an exceptional climate for the growth of vines. Temperatures of 20-25 degrees centigrade and precipitation of 400-500 liters per square meter from fall to spring together with a constant summer drought, provides optimal maturation of our grapes. The Contraviesa in the Granada Alpujarra County has produced good quality and popular wines since ancient times.

Traditionally, wines from this region were produced by blending different types of grapes (white and red) resulting in a rustic, pale red wine with a funky, grapy character. This local wine is referred to as “Costa”.

The winery Dominio Buenavista introduced in the valley varieties unknown to the region, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Chardonnay. The results, thanks to our soil and unique microclimate, have been excellent. Our wines have achieved recognition by world-renowned wine critics, connoisseurs and tasting groups as well as having received numerous awards in wine competitions in both the US and in Spain. Most importantly the idea of producing high quality monovarietal wines in the region has driven numerous wineries to follow the trend. As of the 2009 vintage the province of Granada has been recognized as a Protected Dominion of Origin, D.O.P. Granada.

Another question sent.


Are my wines and gourmet items available to ship within Europe?

We do have a distributor in the Netherlands that handles our wines and does direct sales throughout the EU. PM me and I can forward your information to my husband while he is in Spain right now. The Sherry Vinegar, Tuna and Sardines are available here in the US only as we import them from other producers. I do have a barrel of my own homemade vinegar I could have some bottles filled if you are interested… (IMHO - nonplus ultra of vinegar) The Olive Oil, I am sure he can get it shipped. Pricing will be different but probably more economical than here as it is essentially EX-Cellar.

I bought the stickies and sherry vinegar packages. I have had the vinegar before, and it was great.

Thanks for the offer!


My pleasure!

Just ordered a BDW02
Veleta Reserva’s Trio (6 pk).

Looking forward to it Nola, thanks for the deal!

Cab trio ordered. Thanks Nola!

Looking forward to you enjoying the wines!! [cheers.gif] grouphug

I’m ordering too! These wines punch way above their weight, and the older ones are really aging well (esp. the '05 Cab, from what I’ve had).

Nola. I have multiple orders that I emailed to gourmetsof spain. Assuming this is the correct way to order multiples.? Otherwise - there is no cart and each item has to be ordered and paid as a single unit…

I am going to try to upgrade the webpage tonight. I have gotten the orders and have them all together and will absolutely ship together whenever I can. Thanks for being patient and understanding with the single orders… grouphug

Site upgraded…All fixed… I hope!! champagne.gif

That 2005 cab case might just be the QPR steal of BD this year. My notes are on CT (along with many of the others here, all great QPRs & especially the 2012 Tempranillo Joven!). I’m upping by getting the cab trio.

Ok I have loved the food – olive oil, sherry, tuna, sardines. I promised not to buy wine. But… A case of 2005 wine for less than 20 per bottle, and a chance to try some of the other wines. I bit. With free shipping it appears to be a no brainer.

Nola, I keep getting messages that indicate that the website might be spoofed. And there’s still no way to order more than one thing at a time. Can you check it out before I put my order in? I wanted the Reservas trio (BDW07) and the Sparkling (BDW02). Thanks for checking (again)

I will call the web host again in the morning, but I wonder if I was working on it when you were placing your order. Both orders went through on my end without issue.
Thanks so much!!

Website working well!!

Excellent! I may be tempted by something else… flirtysmile

Thanks for your order, I’m standing by!! [berserker.gif] [berserker.gif]

Hi Nola,

Just ordered BDW01 and BDW06 really enjoy Veleta wines. Fireworks on the 4th are great too.

Dave Walker

Oh THANK YOU so much!! That was such a great visit to the winery!! Dave was on a cruise of the Mediterranean, his ship came into the Port of Almeria and he and what 30 Americans (?) signed up for the winery excursion to Dominio Buenavista. It was the 4th of July and we were as we always are in a perpetual drought in the middle of the summer. I arranged a special treat for a fireworks display over top of the winery as a surprise!! I was so sure the Guardia Civil was going to come and arrest me!!! Great memories Dave!!!


I’ve been lucky enough to try a lot of these wines when I was over at their winery in Spain with Juan in 2013. I’m debating on what to order, but will probably go with a Reservas Trio 6 pack and a Tempranillo Library 6 pack. The prices are too good to pass up for wines of this quality. Thanks, Nola!