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Veleta Gourmet Offers Are Here!!!

My current harvest of new Extra Virgin Olive Oil is due to arrive on Feb. 23rd flirtysmile flirtysmile flirtysmile
If you have tried my Veleta olive oil in the past, or if you haven’t yet had the chance to try…well there is nothing like the freshest olive oil for all you culinary needs!!

Gourmet Offer #1
Veleta Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml Retail price $14.95 or $160.00 for Case of 12
Deal $60 for 6 bottles or $110 for Case of 12
Handmade from Lechin de Granada Olives within 2 hours of harvest, this is one of the tastiest olive oils around.

Gourmet Offer #2
Veleta Premium Sherry Vinegar 500ml Retail price $14.95 or $160.00 for Case of 12
Deal $60 for 6 bottles or $110 for Case of 12
Veleta Sherry Vinegar is produced in Jerez, Spain by one of the oldest Sherry Vinegar producers in Spain. Aged in oak casks for 7 years with the Solera method.

Gourmet Offer #3
Veleta Baby Sardines Retail price $9.95 or $405.00 for Case of 50
Deal $38 for 6 cans or $300 for Case of 50
Yes, these are the famous small sardines from the Northwest corner of Spain. Fished in the estuaries of Galicia. Packed in Olive Oil, delicious!

Gourmet Offer #4
Veleta White Tuna Retail price $8.95 or $390.00 for Case of 50
Deal $38 for 6 cans or $300 for Case of 50
What sets this tuna apart from all the others: Taste, whole filet of fancy white tuna, packed in Olive Oil, fished in the north west Atlantic of Spain, no detectable mercury, dolphin safe. Nothing like it!

Mix and Match if you want!!

EVOO Comp w tuna sard and vin.jpg

To Order: Send email to and include in the title
• Which Offers Veleta Gourmet #1, 2, 3 or 4, or combinations of

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• Credit Card Number
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Those preferring to pay by check or paypal please indicate this in your confirmation email.

Shipping Charges : On Full Case orders there is a $15 shipping credit for the first 10 orders.

If you’re not comfortable emailing your credit card info in a single email, you can break your credit card into two separate emails. Or you can call me directly (937) 620-2926, or FAX it to us at (937) 434-0012 (secure fax machine in my office).

Like most other offers here on Berserker Day, I will not ship when there is a possibility for very cold weather. We will be in contact to let you know when I see favorable shipping temperatures.

Mmmmmm some early birds are going to be getting some great goodies!!! flirtysmile flirtysmile flirtysmile

Thank you [thankyou.gif] Thank you [thankyou.gif] Thank you [thankyou.gif] Thank you [thankyou.gif] Thank you

I am bringing in a couple pallets of the new Veleta Extra Virgin Olive Oil, so don’t be shy!!! flirtysmile

The Veleta EVOO is INSANELY good, folks…

email with order sent, awaiting confirmation

order for a case of the olive oil placed

The only thing that makes Veleta EVOO better is if Suzanne Camhi cooks something with it flirtysmile

that stuff is almost too good to cook with, just drink it!

I didn’t mean ‘cook’, necessarily…how about ‘prepares food with’?

I am getting your emails really, I just can’t type that fast!! [help.gif]
All good though, if I don’t answer you immediately with all your questions, I will… flirtysmile grouphug

PayPal email is

When Nola was in Cleveland last fall I bought a case of the EVOO (having bought all four of the offered products last BD). It’s good for both cooking and chugging, as is the vinegar. The fish is some of the best I’ve had.

In for a case of olive oil

question, 6 btls of olive oil? Doesn’t it spoil after sometime? I guess I don’t use enough oil in my food O_O

They make great gifts! and the shipping is pretty decent on 12 vs 6…

I’m in for EVOO, sardines, tuna

Along time ago back when I frequented the Sq BB I wrote a small dissertation on olive oil and how the quality and acidity effect the longevity. I still use my EVOO from 2009 and although it doesn’t have the spice and zip it had upon harvest, it is not in any way offensive or oxidized. So, I’ll stand behind it well beyond the quoted best if used by date that the EU mandates us to put on the bottle.

We just finished the last few drops from last year’s offer–still wonderful.

IN IN IN for more oil and those wonderful sardines.
(We still have some vinegar and tuna)

I’ll echo everyone’s praise for the quality. Marvelous stuff.

In for oil and sardines, can’t wait to try!

I think cases and cases of olive oil were sold yesterday…

Email sent.

I ordered some yesterday - going to gift a set of oil and wine to my chef daughter and her chef guy … then maybe they will cook for me!

Got wine as well - really excited to taste all of these.