Vegetarian restaurants in NYC

We will be traveling in a few weeks to NYC with my wife’s sister and her husband. We need a couple of not real expensive restaurants in NYC that has good vegetarian food for her (she will eat milk products and eggs, but not fish) and a more open menu for the rest of us. Needs to be in Manhattan. Thanks for any help. They also are not real wine people.

More of a lunch place than a place for dinner, several locations, good food and my vegetarian friends love it.

Little Park should work for everyone.

Marta. The fried squash is my favorite app there and of course plenty of veggie pizza options.


Don’t know if Indian is ok or if this is more than you were looking for but . . . . yum

Also, at a lower price point:

This is veg only, but worth checking out.

If you are looking at strictly veg, we enjoy Nix. Dirt Candy has some awesome dishes and some not so awesome; we loved it, but if we ordered differently, we might not have as much.

Of course, if they eat pasta, lunch at Marea is amazing and not a budget buster.

Thanks for the tips above, Ray and Ramon. Little Park seems interesting for us (1 omnivore, one vegan leaning vegetarian). And the vegetarian menu at Contra looks appealing.

And the Champagne list.