Vegas Restaurants for next week.

I think I posted something similar last year, but in the ever changing world of LV, why not ask again.

Heading there next week for 4 days with the family. Looking for some recs. Steakhouses, Italian, Sushi and anything in between.

My 8 year old (who is excellent at restaurants) will be with us so need a variety of choices. We are doing a few nice dinners I imagine, but need a wide range of options for the entire trip.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve seen Bouchon handle families with kids younger than yours extremely well, so I’d highly recommend them. Plus, something tells me your 8yr old would love their frites - I know my kids would!

You might also want to check out Sinatra in the Wynn. Shake Shack just opened in NY NY, always a good bet for lunch. So is BLT Burger in the Mirage. Sage would probably be fine too.

This is just off the top of my head. I’m sure there are others - it’s been a couple years since I’ve been out there.

Thanks. Much appreciated.

Steak and Italian in the Cosmo at STK and Scarpetta.

Have not been to Scapetta but was with a guy that works for Cosmo and he said its his favorite restaurant in Vegas.

Sushi up top in Planet Hollywood is good and Nobu in Hard Rock.

There’s a ton of restaurants inside the miracle mile under planet Hollywood. Cabo Wabo is decent and there’s an assortment of various other things.

Nice. We are staying at Cosmo and it seems like there are a lot of choices there in general.

I would not take a child to STK or Scarpetta (despite having had great meals there).

STK is like a club that serves steaks and Scarpetta is a bit too formal of an environment. But that’s just me. Obviously you can feel it out for yourself.

would your child be into crawfish?

Will you have a car? Going off the Strip opens things up a bit. Aburiya Raku for Japanese is always a must-go whenever I’m in Vegas.

uber/lyft a plenty in vegas now. Really easy to go off the strip.

Just featured on a food show Unique Eats on the cooking channel.

The kid is staying at The Cosmo, he’s obviously already a Baller. [cheers.gif]

eat lunch at Milos. They have a great prix fixe lunch.

I highly recommend doing the supplement for the octopus or the lobster pasta

I’ve also seen families at Bouchon. Our group really liked Bistro Bardot (Mina place) in Sept. Our trip to Raku was, at best, mediocre and the 45+ min wait for a cab didn’t help. Won’t be back.


We ate lunch at Lago in the Bellagio right next door. Food was very good; but mostly if you can get a table near the window, the view is great over the lake and over to “Paris”.

Curious what you had there?

Scarpetta and Bouchon are both in LA, so I’ll probably opt out even though they are both excellent as we have been to each.

So far, I have booked Fiamma at MGM, which from memory was excellent Italian, and Mon Ami Gabi at Paris via a recommendation. Still need to book a bunch more including a couple nice dinners. Checking out some of the places mentioned above by all.

Normally we drive there but the wife opted for flying this time, so my guess is that we won’t venture to far off the Strip.

Agreed with Bouchon. I’ve grown very fond of that restaurant.

At the Cosmo the only meal I had was the buffet and it was actually pretty good.

I would say Burger Bar at Mandalay has my favorite burgers.

Bardot at Aria was fantastic. One of my new favorite restaurants. Almost enough to make me consider staying at Aria from now on.

Omakase but with a group of 8 so maybe that was part of the problem? Shouldn’t have been but who knows. Not a disaster but definitely not worth the hassle and there were some definite misses served like grilled tomatoes wrapped in under-cooked bacon. Given my experience the place is horribly over-hyped.


Typically, omakase is the way to go with the better Japanese/sushi restos. But in the case of Raku, I prefer ordering off the menu after having eaten there enough times. Staples for me are the Kobe beef tendon, Kurobuta pork cheek and foie gras custard.

Ate there last week. Very good. I like the bread too… Doh!